Two Nigerians held for drug trafficking in Bangalore

By buseman · Jul 7, 2010 · ·
  1. buseman
    Bangalore: In the biggest cocaine haul this year, the city police arrested two Nigerian nationals, including one without any travel documents, and seized 230 gm of the illegal substance from them.

    Identifying the accused persons as Chigindu Emakachiku alias Kelvin, 24, of Aba city, and Ogugua Benneth, 25, of Nteje city, police said the seized drug was worth Rs30 lakh in the international market.

    Kelvin was caught while selling the cocaine pills near Barista cafe on Cunningham Road. He led the police to Benneth who was also looking for buyers for the illegal substance on Church Street.

    Police said the men were arrested on Sunday.

    “The accused persons will get at least 20 years of imprisonment under the Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Act,” joint commissioner of police (Crime) ,Alok Kumar, said.

    Kelvin was in the city without a passport or other necessary travel documents. He had come to the city 18 months ago for his brother’s medical treatment.

    Police had found 110 gm of cocaine, Rs15,500 in cash and two mobile phones in his possession. Ogugua, caught near an eatery on Church Street, possessed 118 gm of cocaine, besides Rs30,500 and a mobile phone.

    The accused persons reportedly confessed that a person, identified as Johnson, had been supplying them the drugs for the past one year.

    Kumar said the police had received information that these Nigerians had made their selling point near coffee shops, bar and restaurants. “We have information that these peddlers identify their customers and woo them to eat outs and coffee shops to sell the narcotics.

    However, we cannot catch those who possess very less quantity — two grams or less. These men who are caught were found selling the cocaine in large quantity and will get the maximum punishment,” Kumar said.

    MK Madhusoodan
    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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  1. enquirewithin
    So that's how the new IT middle class in Bangalore spend their cash? :)
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