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Two Pakistani drug smugglers get death sentences in Yemen

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    SANAA: An appeals court in Yemen on Saturday upheld drugs-trafficking sentences against four Pakistanis, condemning two to death and giving 25-year jail terms to the others, the defence ministry's website reported

    Court president Mohammad al-Hakimi confirmed the verdicts handed down in October 2009, condemning Salim Daoud Abdelrahim and Imam Bakhsh Ayub Yakub to death, the 26sep.net website said.

    It said the other two convicts, Ghulam Khan Wali Mohammad and Mohammad Sidiq Ahmed, were sentenced to 25 years in prison.

    The court “confirmed the death sentences against two Pakistani drug convicts and 25 years imprisonment against another two,” the website reported.

    The four are accused of smuggling 1,695 kilogrammes (3,729 pounds) of hashish into Yemen via its coastal territories.

    Death sentences in Yemen are usually carried out by firing squad.

    The lower court had acquitted the remaining seven of the group of 11 fishermen who were arrested in Yemen's territorial waters in May 2008 on board a boat from Pakistan. Their trial began in December last year.

    Five people have been executed in Yemen this year, and according to a 2008 report by London-based watchdog Amnesty International at least 15 people were executed in the country in 2007. Figures for 2008 are not available.— AFP

    Saturday, 26 Jun, 2010



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