two people die from "valium"

By bloodred1889 · May 12, 2008 · ·
  1. bloodred1889

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  1. JJx23
    It was obviously cut with something, or simply not Valium. Unless they seriously overdosed on Valium, it didn't kill them alone. Interesting story, but sad.


  2. Solinari
    The article is rather small and a bit ambiguous. What is the white powder all about, does it mean they took blue tablets AND a white powder, or that the blue tablets had a white powder inside?

    I am wondering how the police know they were told anything, if they are dead. They obviously must have found these tablets and came to the conclusion they were being sold as valium, but this white powder thing must be the key.

    If it was a white powder AND the diazepam tablets then we would have to know what this white powder was. If the tablets were blue outside and white inside then anyone that knows anything about diazepam would know that isn't right. And if they were blue capsules with white powder in them, and it was something else lethal in overdose that would be reasonable to assume one person could take, then i think it's tantamount to man slaughter or even murder for the person selling them.
  3. Panthers007
    Where is the tox-screen on their autopsy? A simple test that would either confirm, or refute, the notions surrounding their deaths being caused by Valium and a mystery-powder. Bad reporting 101.
  4. bloodred1889
    i mean anyone buying valium you would think they would know if the tabs looked suspect, i dont think its a case of someone trying somthing they have never had because two people died, i think they knew what valium was and looked like, but maybe these were laced with somthing, or the person had somthing that looked very much like valium but wasnt.

    the white powder could have been cocaine, but valium and coke i dont think would kill you.

    plus they died in there sleep.
    but that does make sence how did the cops know they had been told it was valium, maybe it was somthing else entialy.

    its weird.
    but i live in bournemouth so im intreaged.

    bloodred1889 added 1 Minutes and 2 Seconds later...

    this was on saterday and put on the bbc website on sunday, so its just happened, it will be posted in the next month what it was, but they like to get the story out asap
  5. Solinari
    Just of out curiosity, is there any more news about this? I wouldn't mind knowing if it was in fact diazepam in the tablets that were found, and i would like to know what this 'white powder' turned out to be.

    That said, i doubt there will be anything more about it, at least not from the BBC, the only thing i can think of is maybe if there has been some sort of warning issued to drug users. In a an needle exchange and drug service in Glasgow, there were several notices around the office and waiting area warning people that some diazepam tablets going about had ketamine in them. I doubt the tablets in the article would have ketamine in them because, as far as i know, it is very difficult to overdose on ketamine, but correct me if i am wrong.

    I am also really interested to know if these so called 'valium' had 'Tensium' stamped on them, there seems to be a hell of a lot of Tensium going about, in fact they are pretty much the only illicit diazepam around.
  6. Politicalchalk
    Swim space ship usually sets down in the United States, so Solanari, Im curious to know about...well, to just elaborate on Tensium being the only illict valium...are they located in a foreign country? resevered from hospital use? It confuses swim's captain.

    This is an interesting case though, and the article gave the least amount of information possible on such a thing....could contact the reporter (maybe get them to do a follow up, pitch the idea like "THIS could be hiding in your local pharmacy!" hehe), or the detectives, like someone else mentioned, should have the results of the tox screen from an autopsy, which would be mandated swim Believes. They might blow you off with a "this is a current investigation" or "...why would YOU want to know anything about it? speaking of whcih, where were you on the night of....."

    But as a local, raising a little hell might be a good thing; you're a community activist. How do we know the nation's supply of diazepam isn't contaminated? What about other meds? You deserve to at least know that, no matter what.
  7. Benway
    Regarding the white the white powder;

    SWIM has been getting white heroin in the london area. As ya'll know, benzo and smak, or alcohol can be a lethal lethal combo.

  8. Heretic.Ape.
    In the future please include the text of articles in the post. Links die after a while. Thanks :)
  9. schiz0phren1c
    Schizo's many internal and external SWIM's agree :D
    Smackerydoodah is a major candidate here,particularly with the "found dead in their sleep" part
    really high potency smack combined with diaz?(epam not cameron)
    we'll find out soon,in the meantime,rest in peace to those affected and be extra cautious those in the area.
  10. enquirewithin
    Det Ch Insp Kevin Connelly must be living in an alternative reality. Most doctors in the UK will tell you get lost if you have 'drug problems.'
  11. Benway
    Tensium, Rimapam, Stesolid are brand name's for diazepam, along with Valium. The British National Health prescribers will supply the tabs with the best price. It can explain why certain makes appear more frequently.
    Iv had diazepam from every major pharmaceutical House's within the UK. They all as good as another.
    I dont understand the 'illicit tensium'.
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