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  1. chillinwill
    Prague - About two thousand of mainly young people joined the demonstration in support of legalisation of marijuana in Prague today, organised by the Legalizace.cz civic association and accompanied by concerts and distribution of meals, drinks and products made of cannabis.

    No incident accompanied the demonstrators' march from the centre of Prague to a park in the Prague 3 district where music bands' concerts will continue until late night.

    While marching through the city, the participants unfolded posters featuring slogans in support of marijuana, listened songs about marijuana, and a specific scent proved beyond any doubts that they were enjoying their favourite drug.

    "The event's goal was to manifest our disapproval of the criminalisation of cannabis and its users. We not only want the legislation to change. We also seek a change in the approach to those who use cannabis for various reasons," Legalizace.cz's Jiri Novak told CTK.

    He said the demonstration is held in support of the legalisation of cannabis' use for medical purposes and of sanctions being lifted from those keeping marijuana for personal use.

    In the opening speech the organisers pointed out that mafia abuses marijuana's rising popularity to enrich itself. They called on young people to grow cannabis by themselves instead of turning to dealers.

    "The black market will stop and cannabis will become a personal matter again," one of the organisers said.

    According to another organiser, Robert Veverka, the establishment of official cannabis farms would be a solution. The state would earn money in taxes and could invest it in prevention, Veverka said.

    Czech advocates of marijuana's legalisation hold meetings in early May regularly, within the global marijuana march event.

    Autor: ČTK
    May 9, 2009


  1. fnord
  2. Nature Boy
    Kudos to the people of Prague. Here in Cork, a similar march was held but on a much smaller scale. Up to 500 people perhaps. The Czech Republic seems to be a country where cannabis legalisation might actually happen. Ireland is still a good bit off it seeing as we're mere lapdogs to the US and Britain.
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