tylenol more dangerous then xtc...

By Unsolved · May 17, 2005 · ·
  1. Unsolved
    I was watching the TNT line up and watched as a doctor did his usual daily line up and his health tip. According to Dr. Gunpta a real medical doctor. One-Hundred people died from acetaminophen accidental overdoeses in 2004, in the US. I found this interesting thinking back to when I was on a goverment website just the other day (can't remember which one) and according to this site 12 people died in the US frrom xtc(mdma) alone. This would help me conclude that at least eight times more people died from tylenol then from xtc making in my mind a safer drug. I can't come to a conclusion why this was made illegel in 1985? I just thought you guys would be interested.

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  1. dopefiend
    More people use Tylenol than MDMA so that would be a definate factor.


  2. Unsolved
    Yeah I guess you could factor that it too, that's true. But you also have to remember that a lot of people also use mdma also. The mdma users probably use the actual substance mdma a lot more then say Tylenol. Also from reading I was doing Tylenol screws up your liver pretty badly. Mdma doesn't do that at all, at least as far as I know.
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