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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    THE total value of hashish that was recently seized by a Sharjah Police operation could go up to Dhs20million in the regional market, according to a Sharjah police official.

    Police had touted the recent seizure of 2,534 kilogrammes of hashish at a Sharjah port as their “biggest drug haul in 20 years.”

    Colonel Jihad Sahoo, director of the Anti-Narcotics Department at Sharjah Police disclosed that investigations have revealed that the two juveniles who were among those arrested were sons of the gang leader, who is a businessman in his home country.

    “As a result of our investigations, we found that the captain of the vessel had refused to transport the drugs for fear of owning up responsibility.”

    “The big businessman then offered that his brother and two sons, one of whom was only 11 years old and the another, 14 years old, be on the vessel in order to give confidence to the captain and other gangsters that he would stand with them in case of any trouble,” said the official.

    Sharjah Police is co-operating with all respective departments and countries to have all those involved in the case arrested, he said.

    Already 14 gangsters, including the two children, were arrested during the raid police had conducted in Khorfakkan waters.

    He said that the gang had been targeting the whole of Gulf region and had been in the illegal drug trade for some time before Sharjah Police finally arrested them.

    “They were trying to smuggle the drugs through their old shipping route leading to Khorfakkan, under the impression that we had given up surveillance on the route, but they were wrong,” he added.

    Police say they were tipped off by security sources on the presence of an international gang having in their possession a large quantity of drugs hidden aboard a boat within UAE waters off the Khorfakkan coast and that they were on the lookout for a local buyer.

    An investigation team was then formed to identify the suspect.

    A police official was assigned to pose as a serious buyer of the drugs in the possession of the gang, as part of the police plan.

    A deal was reached with the smugglers and on the day of the drugs-for-cash transaction, the ship was raided.

    The boat was then tugged to the UAE coast and the suspects confessed to their plans of promoting the drugs in the UAE and that in this regard, they were looking for a serious buyer. They were then arrested.

    By Lina Abdul Rahman
    February 09, 2011



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