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uh-oh, not back here again

By beena · Feb 15, 2008 ·
  1. beena
    Well, SWIM kinda screwed up (again) last night. Went to an evening class at uni, which SWIM's teacher and classmates decided should be held in the pub across the road from uni. SWIM had a few vodkas too many and ended up in her mates flat smoking crack. (Deep sigh....)
    Well, it wasn't too bad, SWIM didn't go crazy mad on the stuff, but she thought she had some money in the bank as back up and today she realised she does not. So SWIM is back in an all too familiar situation with no food in the house, limited amounts of electricity and ten days to get through b4 funds are available again. Not good.
    SWIM was feeling quite low this morning when she woke up, so she missed her morning class in feature journalism and went back to bed, not emerging again until the late hours of the afternoon (shit, she even missed Jeremy Kyle!)
    Well, maybe this was a good thing, this has reminded SWIM of the life she was leading not too long ago and the life she desperately doesn't want to slip back into. Maybe SWIM will have learnt her lesson this time (fingers crossed folks).
    On a lighter note SWIM is enjoying a mellow evening in with some benzos, a few opiates and a bottle of cider. Sweet.

    Speed Dating: Two of my favourite things


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