Uk Cannabis Farmers 'are Eco-terrorists'

By robert whitfield · Nov 1, 2007 · Updated Oct 7, 2008 · ·
  1. robert whitfield
    Cannabis farmers 'are eco-terrorists'

    A POLICE sergeant has described those behind cannabis factories as "environmental terrorists".

    Sergeant John Fryer made the comments after seizing 70 cannabis plants in a raid at a terraced house in ***** Street, Colne.

    He said that those behind cannabis factories were "environmental terrorists" due to the amount of electricity used for the farms.

    In one recent case, Sgt Fryer said it was believed that a drugs farm had used more than £1,800 worth of electricity in just three months.

    Officers had executed a drugs warrant at the J**** Street home at around 3pm last Friday and arrested a 27-year-old man living at the address.

    More than 70 plants were found growing in an upstairs bedroom, under a hydroponics system, police said.

    The man was later given a police caution.

    But police said he also faced further investigation on suspicion of abstracting electricity, pending further inquiries by United Utilities revenue protection team.

    Police suspect that the electricity meter had been bypassed in order to support the cannabis-growing operation.

    Sgt John Fryer, of Colne Police, said: "The people behind these cannabis farms are environmental terrorists.

    "The amount of greenhouse gases to grow these illegal drugs must be horrendous.

    "We welcome the public ringing Crimestoppers and the local police station to give us information about these cannabis farms."

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  1. Pondlife
    It's worth reading the comments on the website. They pretty much all bring up the obvious point, which is: It's only grown indoors with electric light because it's illegal.
  2. Coconut

    Companies like Google consume thousands of times more electricity than cannabis farmers. Are they eco-terrorists too?

    Oh wait, money made from selling cannabis can't be taxed, so I guess not.
  3. ReAlitY-HoLds-NonE
    Thats absolute Bullsh*t... to be an eco-terrorist you need to knowingly be destroying the environment... does this mean that individuals who grow legal exotic plants (ie banana trees, tomatoes...) indoors with the same equiptment are eco-terrorists??!!

    I agree with you c0c0nut, they are terrorists because the money that could be made isnt taxable... the government then directs their jealousy towards creating a scapegoat of terrorism to give those very brave people a very bad name within the ignorant majority.

    Makes SWIMsick sometimes
  4. robert whitfield
    Uk: Police In 'eco Terrorists' Cannabis Farmers Row

    By David Pollard
    ENVIRONMENTALISTS have hit out at police claims that cannabis farmers are eco-terrorists.
    Sgt John Fryer, of Colne police, said the amount of electricity needed to grow the drug seriously damaged the environment.

    A 27-year-old man received a caution after special operations units helped neighbourhood officers to execute a drugs warrant in J**** Street, Colne. Growing equipment and 71 plants were discovered in a bedroom.

    The man faces further investigation by United Utilities on suspicion of bypassing the electricity meter.

    Sgt Fryer said, in a case earlier this year, £1,800-worth of electricity had been stolen to power lamps and fans for three months.

    "Cannabis-smoking types tend to be hippies who are into Save the Whales and looking after the environment," he said.
    "Everyone is concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, yet we get these clowns using up three years' worth of electricity in a month or two just so they can get off their heads. The greenhouse gasses they must emit to grow this stuff will be horrendous. These people are environmental terrorists."

    Pendle Friends of the Earth co-ordinator Mr Brian Jackson, of Winewall, backed the prosecution of people who steal electricity, but accused Sgt Fryer of missing the point.

    "Growing marijuana is not an environmental issue," he said. "Using electricity is, but linking the two like that is outrageous and ill-informed.

    "If cannabis was such a major issue and a menace to society, then all these people arrested for growing would be getting more than cautions.

    "If the police and the Government really are concerned about carbon footprints, they should allow people to grow it at home, for their own use, so they wouldn't need to harm the environment or mix with potentially dangerous criminals."

    Police had been criticised for carrying out so many raids on cannabis farms. It was seen by some as a waste of taxpayers' money, mainly because most of the offenders only received cautions.

    Sgt Fryer said: "I can understand the public's point of view to an extent, but there's more to it than that.

    "People don't get their equipment back, which hits them hard, and they know they will get more than a caution if they're caught again. Bypassing meters is dangerous and irresponsible. They could burn the house down, putting themselves and their neighbours at risk.

    "Cannabis is difficult to get hold of in Colne now, which shows we are being successful.

    "I'm sick and tired of people slagging us off and asking us why we're bothering. If encouraging people to change their behaviour means doing a raid every day, we will do a raid every day."
  5. Joe Duffy
    Google senior vice president of network operations Urs Holzle made some public comments at the company's European HQ in Dublin (2006)

    "Energy efficiency is a subject Holzle speaks passionately about. About half of the energy that goes into a data center gets lost due to technology inefficiencies that are often easy to fix, he said. ... Rather than waste the electricity and incur the additional costs for cooling, Google has power supplies specially made that are 90% efficient. 'It's not hard to do. That's why to me it's personally offensive' that standard power supplies aren't as efficient, Holzle said."
  6. razorwiredildo

    yes cannabis farmers terrorize me. They call me and tell me they will destroy the environment and kil anyone who tries to save it.

    thank God for oil companies...
  7. Coconut
    Amen brother. Hallelujah!
  8. originalecoterrorist
    hello there, i am the fore mentioned person at the james street adress. i am not an eco terrorist, i only had the electric rigged for a month, i only had 20 plants, but 30 cuttings so they tried saying seventy, i go a caution for cultivation and then n power came and billed me a grand and a half for abstracting electricity. ..

    terrorist my toe

    the real terrorist is the guy who decided to grass me up because his girlfriend dumped him and he decided everyone is against him

    i know live inoin the same house , with a busted front door that i no longer use, and having to search high and low for any shit weed available.

    anyone whos wondering who grassed me up i i dont think im allowed to say in here,

    im not an asshole, im not a drug dealer, im just a normal person who is now fuck loads in debt all because i got grassed up by a so called mate, and the governments too fucked up to allow me to just grow myself a bit of nice herb
    i think i should be invited on a rally to tell my story, that way i might at least get a few tokes on a reefer hehe

  9. elpatto
    Hey mate, you realy should take a look at the rules before you post. That is one self-incriminating post you got there. I bet the next few posts that come in are gonna be really enforcing the rules.

    Say SWIM not I.


    Also it is a pitty the governments are finaly waking up our Eco-terrorism organisation, A.K.A. drug culture. Our plan to suck the world dry by stealing energy to grow something and then destroy the crop (Mainly by burning) is discovered.

    Take it easy.
  10. doggy_hat
    Wow that is so hypocritical. I simply can't understand how people can genuinely believe drugs are so bad, and use such hypocritical statements as it's bad for the environment, when anti drug people damage the environment just as much.

    Pretty much every reason anti drug propagandists use to attack drugs are flat out lies, then they use censorship or biased presentation to ignore the facts. Why would someone choose to believe a lie, and persecute innocent people, then become angry and aggressive when presented info that makes sense?
  11. enquirewithin
    Fools like Sgt Fryer make the police look really asinine. You might as well say that the police are anti-liberty terrorists.
  12. originalecoterrorist
    so now im getting bullshit for not following the rules, , posting my :shitty " post huh, well fuck this site then, the rules dictate some one can take an article about me in the paper, an article very far fetched and not to the point, and they can post this article in a forum, alongside my street adress and what i was accused of. and people from all over the world can read this and know my business, and comment on it and spread it about.
    but im not allowed to come on here and say its me your talking about and that i find it funny. apparently thats against the rules. well in that case fuck your capatlist rules and fuck your corporate ideals, kick me out of your crappy forum, but take down the article stating my age and adress and my accusations, .. im proper right for a forum were people wamt to discuss my business and then have the cheak to tell me im not allowed to add my own comments on the matter
    . and we say its the government taking our libertys, yet it seems its this forum thats invaded my privacy and then complained about my freedom of speach. nice ethos indeed
  13. Heretic.Ape.
    I'm sorry you've been so offended by a member trying to notify you of our policy against self-incrimination. You are not being kicked off this forum or oppressed so please calm down. Your privacy has not been invaded as this article is public knowledge. The discussion in the thread has focused not on you but on the absurdity of the "eco-terrorist" propaganda claims by the police in the article. If you are really bothered I will be happy to edit out your street from the article.
    It would be great to get your side of the story, we simply ask that you abide by the rules that you agreed to when signing up for the forum.
  14. Mutil
    eco-"terrorist"...this is complete abuse of the word. they are trying to redefine it, put a meaning to it that wasn't there. they've already started getting people scared every time they mention the word "terror", now they can just slap it on the end of any word and use it as a label for anyone they don't like. this is disgusting. eco-terrorist...are they terrorizing the ecology? are they terrorizing us by threatening the economy? nay. so why don't the police shut up, do their job dutifully, arrest who they're told to arrest, and meanwhile continue to ignore that they have the power to change these ridiculous laws by simply refusing to enforce them. that's what they've always done, and it worked. why deviate now?
  15. enquirewithin
    I think people enjoyed reading the article you posted, but we all have to follow the forum rules. Please don't take it personally.
  16. originalecoterrorist
    ok cool well some one that definately isnt me whom this articlr relates to, might be interested in letting you know that there was only 20 plants, the rest were cuttings, and it wasnt a hydropnics syste,there a hydro tray just to stop the plant pots leaking on the floror but but it was actulally grown in coco as this method was producig better results. the police only found the house due to an ex freind grassing and was not down to the polices escellent powers of investigation..however the electric board did impose a four digit fine which wasnt what i needed
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