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  1. robert whitfield
    A Stash of cannabis plants were discovered by accident when an Essex Police officer visited a Braintree home on an unrelated matter.Long term pot smoker Adam Housden, 38, was growing the 10 cannabis plants to feed his habit that stretched back to his early teens, a court heard.

    Housden, now living at Sudbury, admitted growing cannabis at his former home on Skitts Hill when he appeared before Chelmsford Magistrates. He was ordered to work unpaid for 60 hours during 12 months supervision and pay £80 costs.

    Daniel O'Malley, prosecuting said the plants were discovered by police taking pictures in Housden's home on a totally unrelated matter. "Housden put up his hands and said 'this will be the easiest interview you ever do'.

    Paul Donegan, mitigating, said the discovery of the plants was a "godsend" according to Housden.

    "His cannabis use goes back to when he was 15. What began as a social habit led to habitual use following a motorbike accident three years later.

    "To relieve pain he smoked cannabis but he became unemployed and went on to smoke it continuously making him extremely lethargic.

    "He regards the discovery of his plants as a wake up call and has had two appointments with Open Road and has been to see his GP."

    Mr Donegan told the court Housden has recently secured work as a roofer. He said: "Working up to a height of 33 metres and walking on narrow steel joists means he cannot smoke cannabis again."



  1. Pondlife
    Let's hope he gets an absolute discharge, because that's surely the only sensible result given all the mitigating factors:

    • Early guilty plea;
    • Personal use only;
    • Has got a job and "sorted himself out"; and
    • Shows regret.
    It will be interesting to see what sentence he receives.
  2. Lunar Loops
    "He was ordered to work unpaid for 60 hours during 12 months supervision and pay £80 costs."
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