UK Chopper in cannabis search as high as a kite

  1. robert whitfield
    A police helicopter hovered over a city street in a late-night search for a cannabis factory.
    The airborne patrol used heat-seeking equipment to scan the roofs of houses on Upper Lewes Road, Brighton.
    Residents reported a "deafening racket" several streets away as the helicopter spent about 20 minutes in the sky above the area between half past midnight and 1am this morning.

    The police team was following up a report of a "weird smell", thought to be cannabis, from a policeman on the ground.

    Hydroponic lamps used to grow cannabis plants use a large amount of power and use a lot of heat.
    The police helicopter's heat-seeking device found unusually high temperatures in the roof of a house at the Ditchling Road end of the street.
    Police checked the property, but they found nothing suspicious.
    Mel Nowocin, who lives in nearby Ditchling Rise, said: "It was loud, even through my double glazing.
    "At that time of night you would have thought they would be a bit more considerate."
    A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "The helicopter is up there at all sorts of times.
    "In this case they found a house with a very warm roof, but everything was in order."
    12:57pm Friday 30th March 2007

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  1. Joe Duffy
    This is probably a sign of an uninsulated attic, an uninsulated attic can allow up to 30%+ of the heat in your home to escape, this is very wasteful and will contribute towards higher home fuel bills.
  2. Heretic.Ape.
    People with uninsulated attics are eco-terrorists!
  3. ThomasRM
    Thats kind of silly. Is it common in the UK for police to call in helicopters because they thought they smelled marijuana? Seems like a lot of work.
  4. 23smooches
    they were probably hoping for some kind of big bust
  5. Twiglet
    very expensive, and disturbed the neighbours.
    I suppose it's easier than looking for real criminals.
  6. Joe Duffy
    I agree, these sort of people are genuine ‘eco-terrorists’, these are the people the cops should be arresting for crimes against the environment, at least the happy-go-lucky pot smoking hippies are doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprints.

    And also how much does it cost to keep one of these air polluting police helicopters in the sky for about 20 minutes?
  7. Twiglet
    A lot!

    and how long have they been training police the different smell between smoking cannabis and cannabis plants growing?
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