Uk: Dopey Couple Arrested Over Cannabis Plants

  1. robert whitfield
    Police were amazed when they were called to a domestic - and ended up arresting both partners for growing cannabis plants.

    Officers were called to a house in Denton Road, Newhaven, by a woman who had been arguing with her partner.

    When police arrived, one officer went to the back of the house - and spotted two cannabis plants in the garden. Both partners were arrested and taken to Newhaven police station for questioning.

    PC Matthew Holt said: "One officer went to the back of the house, and he soon realised they weren't tomato plants.

    "The woman didn't want to continue the dispute about the domestic incident, but ended up getting arrested herself for the cultivation of cannabis."

    Th incident happened at about 7.30am on October 27.

    The couple, who are in their late 30s, have both been bailed while tests are carried out on the plants to establish whether they can be charged.

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  1. meep
    for christ sake - its too much. the fucking police should be focused on the domestic not snooping about.
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