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By matti_2003 · Jan 4, 2005 · ·
  1. matti_2003
    Anyone watch this 04/01/2005 at 9PM. about time the media showed both the good and bad sides of drugs. Particularty agreed with this statement

    "I don't think there's any other area of social policy where we would apply the same policy year in year out for decades only to show that the problem got worse every year, and yet still continue with it saying well if we keep doing it, it might work one day."

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  1. WhiteSea
    I just saw this programme too. I was quite surprised that they stated that 90% - 95% of users have no problems. Idon't know why they just don't let us get on with it.
  2. sunyata
    Tradition, man. Think about it, if the government was to admit that they've just been fucking with people for a long time. They have lied, killed, imprisoned and stolen from many people. And, most important, a crisis like the drug situation is excellent for imposing new restrictions in a whole lot of different areas, and for justifying surveilance, tougher penalties, armed police etc. If drugs weren't illegal what would all the DEA agents do.Powerful agencies like that will never give away their power of definition voluntarily. Crime is a major industry, just wait until the jails are owned by private companies who will make more money the more prisoners they get, then we'll see some fucked up lobbying for sure.

    "It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom, keep that in mind at all times, thank you."-Bill Hicks
  3. sands of time
    I'm happy to see most of the world is at least opening up to new ideas concerning the problem of drugs. Here in the states, there is only one popular point of veiw it seems concerning drugs, and that is that they are all evil and they should be destroyed and users should be locked away. The reform system has been growing but the idea of total legalisation is seen as crazy. I also find it funny that conservative figures take such a strong stand against drugs even though they are the ones who preach that the government should have as little to do with our daily lives as possible.
  4. matti_2003
    Here in the Uk the majority of peopel seem to have the same view that all drugs are evil and that legalisation of any kind would be crazy. i dont believe that all drugs should be simply just made legal. I think the more addictive ones such as crack and herois stay illegal but ones used recreationally such as cannabis and ecstacy etc should be made legal and the sale of them restricted to responsible people and not kids etc
  5. blue jammer
    Watched it tonight, and felt that it really wasn't anything I'd not seen before on TV.

    I felt a bit numb, but I think that was actually due to other stuff going on in my life right now, but the young kids involved didn't surprise me, as they're into things at such early ages thesedays anyway, not saying it's good, but it's just life.

  6. sands of time
    I don't believe that everything should be made legal, but I don't like the idea of my tax dollars keeping these people locked up. I think addiction should be treated like a medical issue. Rehab at least gives people the hope of breaking they're addiction, not they're will to seek help.
  7. matti_2003
    tonights programme was very different to last nights. The first one was mainly just about recreational drug use and made it clear that most people that used these drugs led normal lives. the second one was people on crack and smack. A lot of them seemed to be playing up a bit in front of the camera.
  8. noeticbuzz
    Just to comment:

    So the Netherlands has very lax drug laws and they treat addiction as a medical issue rather then a criminal one and to get the to the point has Hollish(is that a word) society crumbled and is everyone running around like Mad fuckin Max?

    But seriously what are some the results of their drug policy that is contributing to the decay of society?
  9. sands of time
    Addiction and drugs should be a medical issue, not a criminal issue. If you do some stupid, irresponsible stuff while on drugs, however, I have no pity for you and you should be locked up.
  10. matti_2003
    I agree. most people manage to use drugs responibly without doing irresponsible stuff. If your the kind of person that does stupid stuff while on them and cant control yourself then you shouldnt be using them
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