Uk: Father Stabbed Man, for telling his girls to leave teenage cannabis party

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    A man who broke up a cannabis party at his girlfriend's family home was stabbed in the neck by the enraged father of two of the teenagers he had ejected.

    Lee Hooley suffered five knife wounds when Simon Green barged in through the front door of the £500,000 house and went berserk.

    Green, 47, whose daughters had been at the impromptu party, then attacked 62-year-old Kenneth Wilcox and stabbed him twice in the back with the ten-inch knife.

    Mr Wilcox and his wife had left their grandson Shane alone at home when they went out for the evening with Mr Hooley and their daughter Rachel, who is Mr Hooley's partner.

    Yesterday a court heard how 32-year-old builder Mr Hooley ordered two boys and three girls out of the house when they returned shortly after 10pm to find the teenagers smoking cannabis and playing loud music.

    Minutes later Miss Wilcox answered the door to Green, who asked: "Is your husband in, love?". He then pushed past her and ran at Mr Hooley with the kitchen knife.

    Prosecutor Andrew Davies said: "He raised it over his head and brought it down into the neck of Mr Hooley.

    "There were four further blows with the knife until Rachel Wilcox and her mother intervened by placing themselves in front of Mr Hooley."

    Although Mr Hooley was bleeding badly his major concern was for his ten-year- old daughter, who had been with him for the family evening out.

    Mr Davies said: "He grabbed the girl and took her upstairs where he locked her and himself in the bathroom.

    "Green then punched Mr Wilcox and stabbed him twice in the back before leaving."

    The touchpaper for the later violence was lit when the Wilcox family found 18-year-old Shane hosting a party at their home in the village of St Georges-super-Ely, near Cardiff.

    Mr Davies told Cardiff Crown Court the teenagers "were ordered to leave but were reluctant so Lee Hooley manhandled one of the boys out of the house".

    "Three girls including Green's two daughters Alexis and Gabrielle were also made to leave.

    "Outside the house there were shouts and accusations from the girls. One of the daughters said she was going to send someone to sort out Lee Hooley."

    Green, who lives in Grangetown, only a couple of miles from St Georges-super-Ely, was jailed yesterday for five years after admitting the stabbings.

    After the attacks he had handed himself into police, saying: "It's pretty indefensible - I'm 47 years old, I can't go on the run."

    Christopher Rees, defending, said of Green: "He was over-protective of his daughters which has led him in to court today. He bitterly regrets his actions."

    Sentencing him, Judge Patrick Curran, QC, said: "This is a very serious offence - it's lucky there weren't fatal consequences.

    "You armed yourself with a knife and pushed your way into someone's home to stab Mr Hooley. It was terrifying conduct."

    Green gave a thumbs-up sign to his family in the public gallery as he was led to the cells.

    After the case the Wilcox family said they were selling up their home because of the trauma, and criticised the five-year sentence given to Green.

    Mr Wilcox said: 'I feel he has got away with it. He stabbed me twice in the back. We just don't believe in the justice system any more.

    "My wife and I have to move house because we can't settle in our home anymore. He should have got at least ten years for what he did to us."

    Mr Hooley's neck wound still causes him problems, especially when picking up his daughter.

    He said: "The sentence is not enough for almost killing two people.

    "We have to live with what he did for the rest of our lives yet he'll be out of jail in two years."

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    I had to have a chuckle to my self.

    Cannabis party. heh heh its still making me grin. The stabbing wan't even related to the weed. ha hehe.
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