UK - Government will not 'stand in the way' of drug testing at festivals, says Home Office

By TheBigBadWolf · Jul 16, 2018 · ·
  1. TheBigBadWolf
    The Home Office “would not stand in the way” of drug testing at clubs and festivals, it said.

    It follows calls from experts and campaigners for music events to provide the service after two people died and 13 others were hospitalised at Hampshire’s Mutiny festival.

    Eleven people have died at festivals in the last two years even though drug use is not increasing, suggesting that illegal substances now have higher levels of toxicity.

    Currently, drug testing facilities are offered at an extremely limited number of nightclubs and festivals by The Loop, a charity and the sole provider of such services.

    Policing minister Nick Hurd said the Home Office was not standing in the way of what he called “local operating decisions”.

    He said: “The fact that chief constables in Avon, Cumbria, Somerset and Hampshire have stepped forward and said ... we do want to cooperate with this, sends a strong signal.”

    He added that he had spoken personally to Avon and Somerset Police Constable Andy Marsh and he was “very clear that this is the right thing to do and that he is very confident about his legal position in doing so”.

    The proof of this was that a number of festivals are already using the testing facilities, he said, adding that he would be checking whether police forces were correctly informed.

    Labour MP Thangam Debbonaire, who brought the debate to the House of Commons last week, said: “Giving everyone clear information about the substances they intend to consume helps reduce risk and prevent harm – we can do it for alcohol and we can do it for other drugs within the current legal frameworks.

    “Clarity from the government is a win, but we can go even further. Let’s make it a requirement that festivals and, if possible, nightclubs, have to ensure there is drug safety testing available for every event they run. I will be holding the minister to this commitment. Let’s save more lives and protect more people from harm."

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    Written by: Mattha Busby, Jul 9, 2018, Government will not 'stand in the way' of drug testing at festivals, says Home Office,

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  1. DoctorWhiz
    "Baby steps"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 20, 2018
    The government put so much money into “fighting the war on drugs” when we’re already in a tremendous amount of debt. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it till I die, or if hell freezes over; the only way to put an end to the “war on drugs” is simply ending it. Legalize all drug use, dare I say regulate them even. The lucrative side of the illicit drug trade would become unnecessary, and I truly believe would disappear indefinitely.
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  1. Gradois
    And it's been about two years since the legal high ban. Coincidence?
    1. TheBigBadWolf
      not coincidence but cause and effect.
      Methinks. BBW.
  2. Built for sin
    This seems kike it would inform and educate but not really prevent... Being in the know about certain substances is great but i have dou ts that this will curb drug use at festivals...heres to hoping. Thanks BBW
    1. TheBigBadWolf
      @Built for sin, I think that drug testing at festivals (and probably clubs) will not only be educating, but also actually reducing harm when the participants know what they have there is for instance impure MDMA, they can take an educated decision to take or not take their drugs they bought.

      The smarter way would anyway be to test the drugs before they are paid for. Drug dealers would be pressurised to get purer product then, making more exact dosing possible, so reducing harm to the minimum.

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