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  1. robert whitfield
    By Court reporter
    A WIRRAL grandad caught running a commercial cannabis farm was jailed for 12 months on Friday.

    61-year-old William Evans has never been in trouble before and Judge David Swift said that it was very sad to see a man of his age and good character in the dock.

    Police raided his large semi-detached home in Wallasey on March 13 and found "what can only be described as a cannabis farm", he said.


    "The cultivation of cannabis is regarded as a serious offence," he said. "I must reflect the criminality of your behaviour and deter others who might decide to embark on a similar project."

    Liverpool Crown Court heard that in one room they found 100 mature plants and equipment for their commercial cultivation. In another room there were 28 young plants in a "nursery" and more equipment for producing the drug.

    Another room had been set out for drying with strings on which to hang the plants for harvesting. Experts calculated that the value of the seized plants was between £9,000 to £14,000, said Kim Egerton, prosecuting.

    Evans, of Radnor Drive, Wallasey, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis at his home and abstracting electricity.

    Robert Altham, defending, said that Evans had moved into the house with his partner intending to refurbish it but their relationship broke down.

    The refurbishment did not happen and he was drawn into this behaviour after running into financial problems. He is a devoted family man.



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