By Alfa · Jul 20, 2004 ·
  1. Alfa

    Satellite technology is to be used to track the country's most
    persistent criminals under plans being unveiled by Home Secretary
    David Blunkett.

    Mr Blunkett will set out how he intends to achieve his ambitious
    target of cutting offending by 15% by 2008, agreed with the Treasury
    in the Home Office's settlement in last week's spending review.

    The plan will also be launched with a speech by Tony Blair as he seeks
    once again to to refocus on domestic issues after the controversy over
    the Butler Report into the use of intelligence in Iraq.

    It will include a major expansion of tagging, with satellite
    technology being used to track the 5,000 serial offenders who,
    according to the Home Office, account for almost 10% of crime in
    England and Wales.

    Criminals whose activities have the greatest impact on their local
    communities will be singled out.

    The new technology will also be used to tag sex offenders and
    perpetrators of domestic violence.

    The plan will include measures for directing drug users into community
    treatment for their habits, with tough penalties if they fail.

    By 2008, the Home Office expects 1,000 drug using criminals to be
    directed into community treatment each week.

    In the 66 highest crime areas, "problematic" drug users will be
    "actively and individually case managed" from their arrest through to
    prison or community sentence and beyond.

    A new UKP36 million witness care unit will offer support to witnesses
    and the victims of crime in cases where an offender is charged, with a
    named contact providing information and advice for the duration of the

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