UK: Oh great, nearly EVERY dealer taken out in Slough

By MotherSuperior · Jul 18, 2008 · ·
  1. MotherSuperior
    SWIM is SO lucky that SWIMS doctor after a LONG time gave SWIM a script for Morphine and SWIM had a ton of DF118's and Tramadol(for real pain), SWIM would be quite sick right now(not that SWIM is feeling too great but is better than a lot of poor sods in this town right now). It's going to be pretty quiet in this area. Out of 6 dealers SWIM knows only 1 is still free and SWIM saw him in the High Street this morning and thinks he is not going to do any business for a little while.

    SWIM may have to travel to London(not to far) if SWIM wants anything... and it's been a while since SWIM did that and not knowing many if any sources there means in itself it may not be worth the risk.

    SWIM also learnt the waiting time for a Methadone script in this area is 3/4 weeks. And SWIM would guess they are going to get busy.

    In case anyone else actually reads this forum from this area(or country) this is the reason for the drought. Yet again with all the problems this area has and the shortage of police in this area, SWIM feels that that an unportionate amount of cops resources have been put into this.

    Major policing operation update – Slough

    Thirty-two men have been arrested, 41 addresses raided, and quantities of drugs seized, following a two-day operation to disrupt suspected major drugs networks and associated criminality.

    More than 300 Thames Valley Police officers executed 31 warrants simultaneously shortly after 6.30am today (16/7). Twenty-three of these warrants were carried out in Slough, seven in London and one in Luton. Many of these addresses are still being searched by officers this afternoon for evidential purposes.

    Twenty-one people were arrested as part of today’s early morning raids. They remain in police custody at this time. Special arrangements were made in advance of today’s operation to deal with the volume of prisoners, with a number of custody suites being used in Thames Valley.

    In support of today’s high-profile policing operation, ten warrants were executed in Slough yesterday (15/7) and 11 individuals were arrested. They also remain in police custody.

    The two-day operation, which anticipates further arrests and police activity, is one of Thames Valley Police’s largest pre-planned intelligence led investigations. It is a part of Operation Falcon – an on-going campaign to stamp out Class A drugs, reduce drug-driven crime and disorder, and to enhance treatment opportunities for addicts.

    Substances believed to be Class A drugs have been seized from a number of addresses over the past two days and are currently awaiting analysis. Large amounts of cash have also been seized.

    Supt Pete Davies, local police commander for Slough, said “Today’s operation has been meticulously planned by a number of our specialist officers working behind the scenes for many months. You’ll appreciate I cannot go into any detail about their actual investigations for operational reasons.

    “Whether running as part of an organised network or as individuals, drug dealers need to know that they will be confronted by police and challenged at every opportunity and today is a prime example of this.

    “Their illegal activities not only create crime and misery but also cause drug addiction amongst some of our young and most vulnerable people. This threatens the safety and cohesiveness of our diverse communities in Slough and surrounding areas. This operation is evidence that we are working hard to protect the public from drug related crime and that we are putting criminals and organised crime syndicates firmly on the back foot.”

    He added: “Operation Falcon has been running in Slough and other parts of Berkshire East and across the Force since March 2006 and has secured a number of successful convictions against dealers over the years. It has also prevented substantial amounts of Class A drugs from entering our streets. Our operation is aimed at building on these successes.

    “While Falcon seeks to disrupt the supply network by targeting dealers, it is important that addicts know where to go for help.

    “We’ve been working closely with Slough’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT), who provide treatment for drug addicts, as well as Crimestoppers, who pass anonymous phone calls to us.”

    Ruth Bagley, chief executive, Slough Borough Council, said: “We fully support the operation being carried out by Thames Valley Police. The reduction of drug and alcohol abuse in Slough is a high priority and we continue to work in partnership with the police and health services to ensure there are programmes in place to support this.

    “Today’s operation will ensure that the supply of drugs on Slough streets is reduced dramatically, which will help to make the neighbourhoods affected safer for the residents who live there.”

    Anyone with information about the supply of drugs should contact police on 0845 xxxx xxxxx or, if you don’t want to talk to police or give your name, call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 xxx xxx.


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  1. Lonewolf179
    Hey, i live in West London, near Slough, in Hounslow by Southall. Well just to let you know of the whole picture around here, Southall the Brown capital of London in my opinion. I know of dealers. Well basically since the last 2/3 months things have been getting to the point where its affecting the punter. By that i mean, the dealers are getting charged soo much due to low supply coming through, from what i heard due to our boys down in Afghanistan blowing up the fields. So its come to the point where a ten bag is now going to cost you double. This drought was affecting the dealers from the start of the year, but very little, were prices were going up slowly and slowly. Eventually those prices have now reached double, so that is the main picture. To add to all this madness you will have days where ALL DEALERS are out of food, for a day to two. This has started happening once every month now. I expect it to get worse, unless this summer is a good harvest season for the farmers in Afghanistan, and we benefit from it :) I just hope things get better, and if anyone knows true facts to: 'WHY THEIR IS A DROUGHT?' Like have their been any big busts, etc...?
  2. Orchid_Suspiria
    This is what makes me ashamed to be an American.The whole world seems to want to adopt Americas idiotic and failed war on drugs.Well some countries have taken it even farther like Dubai and I am thankful that the US and the UK have yet to adopt their tactics but I can see it coming in the near future if something is not done.
  3. actonskin
    Pretty consistent with SWIM's experience over the last couple of weeks. SWIM also lives in West London, usually scores in central London (only knows one dealer), but usual supply has run dry, with contacts now serving at her majesty's pleasure .... Still, SWIM is finding it a useful, if rather unpleasant detox experience :) Prior to that, the quality and quantity had been going downhill fast.

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