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Uk Police Led To Drugs Farm By Saw Wielding Man

  1. robert whitfield
    Police led to drugs farm by saw wielding man

    Residents watched in horror as yobs, including one waving a saw, battled outside their homes in an incident which exposed a city centre drugs factory.
    As police continue to appeal for information about the incident, dramatic details about the events leading up to the cannabis find in Denville Road, Preston, at just after 7pm on Tuesday.

    Minutes before officers arrived and discovered around 150 cannabis plants, terrified residents watched as four men ran down his street being chased by an Oriental man waving a saw.

    One of the youths was carrying a crowbar, while another is believed to have had a five-foot length of pipe.

    Officers are still investigating the discovery and the events which led up to it, admitting they do not know what sparked the chase.

    But one neighbour, who did not wish to be named, described the scenes.

    He said: "I was walking past and I saw these men coming out of the house, there was four of them in hoodies and a man. He had a saw and he was chasing the others outside the house.

    "These hoodies got in a car and drove off. It was quite nerve-wracking really with these blokes running all over the place."
    The incident happened at around 7pm and police were there minutes later.

    A spokesman for Preston police said: "By the time we got there the street was quiet and there has been no sign or sound of anyone involved since then."

    As well as the cannabis plants, officers discovered numerous lamps in the home and found that the electricity supply in the house had been tampered with.



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