Uk: Police Swoop Nets Cannabis Stash In Tenement Flat

  1. robert whitfield
    COPS uncovered a batch of cannabis plants when they swooped on a Paisley flat.

    Officers had been sent to a tenement in the town’s West End to deal with another matter when they noticed a “sickly scented odour” coming from one of the properties.

    They then obtained a search warrant and, with the help of police reinforcements, raided the flat.

    During a room-by-room search, they uncovered a load of potted cannabis plants at various stages of growth.

    Officers also found heat lamps and a bag of compost.

    One source said: “The police didn’t know anything about this cannabis stash until they were sent to a tenement to deal with a completely unrelated matter.

    “Alert officers noticed a distinctive smell coming from one of the flats and immediately recognised the odour as cannabis, so they went back to the police office to obtain a warrant to allow them to get inside and take a look.

    “A short time later, they were back at the flat with reinforcements in tow.

    “They got into the flat without any trouble and immediately began a thorough search. It was while that was going on that they opened a cupboard door and found the potted plants.

    “Other items associated with growing these plants were also discovered.”

    A woman who lives in a neighbouring tenement told how she spotted police removing items in bags from the flat.

    She added: “There were quite a few officers there and they were putting these bags into a car that was parked outside.

    “At the time, I didn’t know what was going on, but I later heard there had been a drugs raid.”

    Police have confirmed that a man in his early 40s was arrested in connection with a swoop on a property in Paisley’s West End.

    A spokesperson said: “A man was taken to Mill Street police office in Paisley, where he was interviewed and later charged in connection with drug-related offences.

    “A report has been sent to the procurator fiscal and the man is expected to appear in court in the near future.”

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