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Uk Police Uncover Yet Another Drugs Farm

  1. robert whitfield
    [h1]Police uncover yet another drugs farm[/h1]

    Police are hunting the criminal masterminds behind the third cannabis farm exposed in Preston in just four days
    Police carried out a drugs raid at a house on Trower Street, Frenchwood, at 8am today (THU) after receiving community intelligence.

    They found 300 medium sized plants and various equipment in two bedrooms of the rented end terraced house.
    Nobody has been arrested.

    The latest find came two days after officers uncovered 150 plants at another a city centre cannabis factory on Denville Road, following an
    incident in which an Oriental man was seen waving a saw at four men.

    And a 15-year-old Vietnamese girl appeared before magistrates on Wednesday after she and a 36-year-old man were arrested at a house in Acregate Lane, Fishwick.

    Lap Van Tran, 36, who is Vietnamese, and the teenager were both charged with conspiracy to possess a controlled class C drug with intent to supply.

    Investigators recovered 453 cannabis plants of varying maturity, thought to be worth thousands of pounds.
    The find means at least seven cannabis farms have been found in the city this year.

    DS John Crichton of Preston CID said: "This is becoming a national problem, it is not just happening in Preston.
    "The latest two cases do have similarities but we are not linking them at this stage."

    Anyone with information can contact Preston police on or Crimestoppers anonymously on.



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