[uk] Poor insulation led to drugs raid on police officer's home.

By silenius · Aug 3, 2008 · ·
  1. silenius
    Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/247...ed-to-drugs-raid-on-police-officers-home.html

    Poor insulation led to drugs raid on police officer's home - The drugs squad raided a fellow police officer's home because they believed heat pulsating through her poorly insulated roof indicated it was a secret cannabis factory.

    By Nick Allen

    Police community support officer Zally Huseyin, 46, a mother of five, was shocked when she answered the door to a team of colleagues who demanded to search her house.
    The mistake happened after infra-red images taken by a police helicopter showed Mrs Huseyin's five-bedroom, £400,000 detached property in Lower Cambourne, Cambridgeshire was glowing white hot.
    In cannabis factories fluorescent bulbs are used to grow the drug which needs at least eight hours of daylight and temperatures of 59F (15C). The artificial lighting generates a bright white trace on infra-red cameras.
    But when embarrassed officers searched Mrs Huseyin's house they found the glowing effect was caused simply by large amounts of heat escaping through the roof.
    Mrs Huseyin, who has been a PCSO since March 2007, said: "I was absolutely gobsmacked when I realised the police had come to search my house. When I saw the squad car I thought it was colleagues just popping in for a cup of tea.
    "I saw the police car pull up and I knew the sergeant. She recognised me when I answered the door. She was shocked and said three times, 'This is your house?'
    "They showed me the footage from the helicopter and I couldn't believe it. They said if I hadn't been in they would have broken the door down to get in."
    The Cambridgeshire Police helicopter had been flying over on an unrelated job when its infra-red camera picked up Mrs Huseyin's glowing home.
    After her apologetic colleagues showed her the footage she realised why her heating bills had been so high. She was also shocked at the environmental impact of the heat gushing out of her roof.
    Mrs Huseyin said: "These houses are meant to be environmentally friendly and economical but last year's gas bill was £1,000. I feel I've been ripped off.
    "When I saw the pictures the house was just glowing and it looked like there was a spotlight on in the roof.
    "I'm so embarrassed. I've got a reputation now as a drug dealer but the joke has worn a bit thin, especially in work."
    She and husband Steve, 46, a garage owner, moved into their dream timber-framed house, built by David Wilson Homes, less than 18 months ago.
    Mr Huseyin said: "We agonised over spending so much on a big house but because it was fairly new we thought it would be a good investment.
    "But everything is going wrong and I am annoyed the way I have been treated by the builders who won't admit there's problem.
    "If there's nothing wrong with our house how come we've been raided by the police?"
    The builders denied the insulation was poor and said the house met all required standards.
    David Bell, managing director for David Wilson Homes South Midlands, said: "Since being contacted by Mrs Huseyin regarding concerns over the energy efficiency of her home we have conducted additional investigations, including checking the insulation of the property, which found the home complies with all the relevant standards.
    "All David Wilson Homes are built to the highest specification and in accordance with all energy efficiency legislation and regulations. Each home undergoes a thorough independent inspection before being occupied."

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  1. Greenport
    Wait until they bust in on a 90 year old lady, giving her a heart attack looking for some plants in a grow-op just to discover that a bunch of heat was being released from their attic. Ohhh, swiM's puppy hopes the neighbors care enough to bust out a video camera on something like that.

    Teh media would have a field day
  2. Stephenwolf
    I don't think the media would even MENTION it except as a passing remark. They'd comment on how Efficient the police were that even at an obvious false alarm they did they're jobs perfectly. and that the drug problems are SO bad that even old lady's end up casualties because dirty criminals grow drugs.
  3. FuBai
    All the more likley as the elderly seem to like room tempreatures of 30 C+.
  4. Panthers007
    Similar has already happened. A 76 year old retired minister had his door kicked in in Boston, Massachusetts. They had the wrong address. He tried to get up out of bed - and was knocked to the floor with howling dogs loose. He died. This crap happens all the time, but goes unreported.

    Bravo! Morons....
  5. Stephenwolf
    Things like that happen all the time... don't know if i can do this but you can see more things like that here http://www.injusticeline.com/victims.html
  6. Panthers007
    You can post links to other sites as long as they are not commercial (spam), or are other web communities such as this. Thanks - good find!
  7. vinylmesh
    Wait so they actually do fly over houses with infra-red cameras.:eek:
    I thought that was an urban legend.

    Someone should speak out about this, not from a drugs point of view but from a lack of privacy i other area's.

    Say if your having sex, they can see what you're doing?

    pervs. they're probably up there watching and laughing.They probably record it and sick it on a video with loads of other clips of people doing stuff in what they thought was the privacy of their own homes.

    Or is it the case that the cameras wouldn't be good enough to pick out the blurry shape of a human body?
  8. FuBai
    No they can't. They use sensors to monitor energy levels radiating off the roofs of houses, as this can be a good indicator of possible cannabis grow ops. It's not like a James Bond film where you can see through the roofs to detect people inside, especially as there are multiple heat sources in a house, compared to which human body heat would be very minor.
  9. vinylmesh

    hmmm..... If there was no heating in the house (it's at night remeber) and for arguments sake we'll say it's summer, so the heating was never put on that day.All lights have been off for a few hours. what other heat sources would there be?

    the technology can't be far off though, can it?
  10. stoneinfocus
    Good point! Where does the states' executives' responsibility end and what's it supposed to do?

    The main principals of any free society were:

    1. Letting the criminal escape, rather than taking the risk of judging the innocent.

    2. Laws may not affect/take an effect on innocent peoples' lives, for the purpose of prosecution of criminality.

    This is easy and very hard at the same time, but would only employ executives, which were hard working experts and strictly bound to
    rely on police-work and catching really dangerous criminals, only, without watering down the definition of "criminal", "terroristic", "dangerous" and "responsible", "normal", "cultural", "sane", taking all these important attributes coherent to the free human nature, onto criminal grounds.

    3. It's wrong, that we were only free, if we did nothing, that would hurt anybody. Scotched principal/def. of a free society = manipulation!

    We are free, when we're free to make our own decisions and mistakes in consent with ourselfs and our society, allowing all kinds of different cultures and the respectation of any kind of human attributes.

    The governments are not the people, any true and free live happens on an
    inter-personal and mini-scale personal relationship of consent, security, trust and freedom, first and then we can take it to the governments on that basis and not the other way around!

    The governments and other institutions make us kill each other and are dictating to serving us, to make our lives a hell, ourselfs, on an account of millions losses of lives and destroyed existences, wars, ingrown ideologies of hate and we're still thinking, this wern't such a big (global!) danger and better, than taking the "damage" and consentatively chosen death-toll of true freedom.

    The latter were making things actually work for all of us, better, comprising a true progress of human evolution, as a whole, but mainly for the governments' dictates, instead.

    Today,we're so intimidated (even without knowing it), that any activity, which is not directed by "professionals" and institutions, was more-or-less commonly seen as being illegal/not normal/ not in consent with anything, even seen, as being the most dangerous things to do, ever, but what the truth is, we're giving into societies' dictates, because we're unconciously thinking; "the executives will get you," -in fear of the executives' institunionalized power, their dangers relative to our human nature are overlooked, for selfprotection purposes, because our lives' existences rely on the executives' and institutionalized society, making them a kind of god or allmighty, indestructable monster. And it's that fear, that makes us think about anyone, dissenting with the executives and institutions, were insane, life-threatening, because that one were essentially existence-threatening, not only to his own life, but to the functioning of the whole society and thus, damaging to any "individual", working in that society, trying to be the utmost "socially" compliant, and avoiding any clinch with the instirutions and executives.

    The true purpose of a government was justice for all and making a society serve anybody, living in it.

    Thus it shall regulate the societies achievements accordingly and not private businesses, which are culturally and owned naturally by induividuums or cultural backgrounds.

    We (an governments really do) know, that we can survive only, if we do any kind of illegal private business, like black market, illegal, untaxed work, which was okay on a small, private scale, but were fatal, if done with the societies' power. In example, any kind of private hatred can be ignored and handled individually, by a free culture of diverstiy (with the exeption of true crime), which allowed anyone enough freedom and the same chances were provided, on basis of their talents(= a naturally given.) as a societies' naturally overall accepted principal.
  11. FuBai
    I must admit that I am unsure on this one, but my understanding was that it does not give a detailed picture, but rather a general indication of energy radiating from the house.
  12. 84735
    LOL ! Unbelievable !
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