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UK - 'Potent' MDMA hospitalizes seven in Oldham

Seven people have been hospitalised after taking a "particularly potent" form of the drug MDMA, police in Oldham, UK said.
By Phenoxide, Jun 26, 2017 | | |
  1. Phenoxide
    Seven people have been hospitalised after taking a "particularly potent" form of the drug MDMA, police said.

    Four men became seriously ill on Saturday, with two still in intensive care. A woman and two men were hospitalised on Sunday, with one man seriously ill and the other two critical.

    Greater Manchester Police said the drugs are known locally as "magic" or "pink champagne" and come in crystal form.

    A 26-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs and remains in custody for questioning.

    Foaming at the mouth

    Det Insp Jim Faulkner of GMP's Oldham Borough said the increasing number of people affected is causing the force "no end of concern".

    He said symptoms to watch for include rigid muscles, shallow breathing, a fast racing pulse, hyper-aggression, seizure, foaming at the mouth and unconsciousness.

    "Please, if you believe that you or somebody you know has taken the drug and begins showing these symptoms then get yourselves to the hospital immediately," he added.

    "We have arrested one man in connection with the supply of the drugs, however our inquiries and operational activity will be continuing."

    Of the men hospitalised on Saturday, two have been released.

    Original Source

    Written by: BBC News, Jun 26, 2017, Seven hospitalised amid Oldham drug warning,


  1. VitaminK22
    Does anyone know what this "magic" actually is? I've heard a few people talk about something called magic and when asked what it is they say it's like MDMA but stronger.
    A drug that hospitalizes 7 people in 1 weekend does not sound like MDMA to me. It annoys me because the media and police are quick to jump at MDMA - a relatively safe drug - at every turn. They should be testing to see exactly what was taken and the info should be released so we can all look out and avoid it in the future, instead, people like me have to now worry about getting some of this dangerous shit in a pill and if this "magic" stuff doesn't get mainstream warnings put out there soon, you can bet your ass that some dickhead will put too much of this crap in a batch of pills in an attempt to "have the strongest pills around" and kill a bunch of people, just like they did/do with PMA/PMMA.
  2. mess clean
    There is no such thing as "stronger MDMA". It's either MDMA, or it's something else. In this case, I think it's obvious it was something else.

    It might be an analogue of MDMA, like the person below commented. If it was PMA, it would have caused hyperthermia and that should have seen mentioned by the police as a symptom to look out for.

    Although I agree with the intent of the article (getting the news out on a dangerous new drug), I strongly disagree with calling it "stronger MDMA". The only thing that can make MDMA "stronger" is increased dosage.
  3. Theko
    I don't know what that stuff is but I'm pretty sure the test results won't come back as normal MDMA,
    there seems to be a few reports in the media at the moment concerning powder MDMA, and pills.
    In Jersey a man died due to talking IKEA ecstasy pills a few days ago, and people in the same area went to hospital after taking them.
    That concerned me because they look exactly the same as the Q-Dance IKEAs that have been around for many months
    and haven't had any reports attached to them until now.
  4. Theko
    The tests of the substance showed that it was not MDMA, but was actually spice in a pure crystal form.
    1. KratomKing
      That makes a lot of sense. And wow, it sucks that someone would actually rip people off with a pure crystal form Spice, yet alone any Spice, while saying it's MDMA.

      To be completely honest, I have never heard of any reports about a pure crystal form of Spice. I knew it was possible. But god damn, the fact that someone passed it along as MDMA, wtf!!!

      That's gotta be some very life-threatening stuff. I don't even want to imagine how (bad)trippy and sick I would feel from pure crystal spice. I would definitely end up in a hospital.
    2. Theko
      It is actually the first time synthetic cannabis in crystal form has been seen on the street, or at least the first time the police have seen it.

      Unfortunately there are some people who will purposefully rip others off and sell them a dangerous substance, it has been seen in Ecstasy pills where they have tried to cover up the fact that there's a dangerous substance in the pill by using trace amounts of another substance that will fool tester kits, so it looks like it's MDMA when it isn't.

      I do feel there's occurrences are in the minority though, but ultimately I think it just comes back to drug prohibition being a failure, it doesn't work, it just maximizes the dangerous of drugs.
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