UK: Six months jail for ten plants

By Pondlife · Apr 11, 2008 · ·
  1. Pondlife

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  1. grecian
    This sentence seems extraordinarily harsh.

    Is there a national trend towards harsher sentences for small-time growers/dealers/users or is this just a one off?

    Swim is aware of the laws in place but has always been under the impression that confiscation of equipment and plants, as well as a caution or a fine would be the normal punishment for this sort of offence.

    Also how 10 plants can be described as a "mini-farm" is beyond me!
  2. MotherSuperior
    This is bollox. SWIM was busted and prisoned for SUPPLY of DIAZAPAM... the initial sentence was 3 months, on appeal this SWIM was out of prison and free to go... judges felt 1 years suspended was enough.

    The case was of interest at time as the sentence was so severe... SWIM does not know to this day SWIM does not know of harsher sentence for crime except for HABITUAL dealing... and SWIM was not caught for dealing more than once. When SWIM goes pap S and if SWIM gets caught... what then? life? lol.

    SWIM has so much to say on the way chronic(back) pain patients are treated especially known drug (mis) users like SWIM and SWIM worked for NHS for years.... SWIM gonna shut up as will rant but 10 months is insane, really crazy... other than if the report was wrong OR the person had went to prison as a consequence of another crime....

    Actually SWIM knows, personally, of someone that was caught with a cupboard full of plants, 3 kilo's of proccesed product(Green resin) AND stolen goods and got 6 months 'electronic tag'. SWIM will even link to the other forum where this is posted if a/it is allowed here b/people are interested....
  3. fnord
    What is the avarage sentance in those parts for a first offender?
  4. cosmicruler
    WTF????thats swims part of the world swim has seen people get a slap on the wrist for like 80 plants of mean hydro!!!
    and worth 550quid...those must be the ten shittest plants ever grown!!!
  5. Hyperspaceblastoff
    ^ were u live dood?!?!?!?!
  6. cosmicruler
  7. MotherSuperior
    As SWIM said a friend got off with 3kg strong resin in his house, stolen goods and a cupboard full of drugs with having to wear an electronic tag for a year.
  8. Pondlife
    You cannot compare this case with possession cases. The UK courts take a strict view on the cultivation of cannabis. The main reason seems to be because of the frustration the authorities have playing whack-a-mole with the large-scale cultivators. I agree that this sentence was totally over the top, and this is why I posted the story. It seems that although this chap was not performing commercial cultivation, his harsh sentence was a result of the crackdown on commercial growing.

    Here's some more information on the sentences for commercial cultivation.
  9. MotherSuperior
    When cops raided SWIM's friends house, they did find a cupboard full of plants but SWIMS friend was convicted of possession with intent to supply and some other charge relating to the stolen property. For some reason the CPS didnt nake any cultivation charges. BTW the 3k's of green where only stored there not made there, plants were for personal use.

    SWIM will recheck thread on othef forun,,, would link as it's a good thread written in chronicall diary form friom the day guy was caught to final appearence in court.

    SWIM hopes that Stuart Nisbet appeals and gets out of prison... though at least in prison Mr, Nisbet will not have to worry about getting his cannabis from plants anymore, in SWIMS experience the guards almost seem to turn a blind eye on this particular drug.
  10. crunchyblack
    wow you people think 6 months is bad? :laugh: here where I live cultivation is a felony and could get you 5-30 years and 10,000 dollar fine if proven the grow was not for personal use.
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