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  1. Alfa

    Dope Price Plummets

    Thousands of Scots Users Grow Their Own Weed

    THE price of cannabis has more than halved in Scotland because
    thousands of users are growing their own. Drug squads yesterday warned
    that the price of hash has gone through the floor, with an ounce
    selling for UKP32 compared to UKP100 two years ago.

    Last night, detective sergeant Kenny Simpson of Strathclyde Police
    said: 'Since reclassification there have been more people growing
    their own grass because they incorrectly think it's legal.

    'The price of cannabis resin cannot drop any more.

    'If it did it would stop being profitable for dealers.'

    Some believe the price has fallen because cannabis has been
    reclassified from a Class B drug to a Class C.

    Smaller resin deals of a quarter of an ounce are now being sold by
    dealers for 'pocket money' prices around UKP10.

    But more and more people are simply growing their own.

    The cannabis crash was revealed in a new report by the Scottish Drug
    Enforcement Agency. It also also revealed an increase in seizures of
    homegrown weed.

    The SDEA figures backed up police reports of a drop in prices in the
    Strathclyde and Dumfries and Galloway areas.

    More cannabis crops were found being grown in homes in the Central and
    Lothian and Borders areas.

    A spokesman for the SDEA said: 'There are numerous reasons for the
    price of cannabis resin decreasing. It could be a drop in quality or
    it could be about supply and demand.'

    Police have warned users that they still face prosecution.

    Last week, the Sunday Mail told how an ex-councillor is to be
    prosecuted for growing his own cannabis. Roger Winter had his plants
    nicknamed Bill, Ben and Little Weed seized by police.

    Last night, Glasgow Cathcart MP Tom Harris warned: 'It's possible
    people feel growing cannabis is either legal or the laws have relaxed.
    They have not cannabis is still illegal.'

    One 33-year-old MS sufferer who uses cannabis as pain relief said: 'I
    know at least half a dozen people who have started to grow their own
    weed since the rules changed.

    'Ten years ago you had to go to Amsterdam to get a good bit of grass.
    Now you can go to any dealer in Glasgow, although it still costs a lot
    more than resin.'

    Cannabis became a Class C drug at the end of January.

    People caught in possession can still be arrested and dealing can lead
    to 14 years in jail.


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