Uk: Vietnamese Cannabis gardeners Jailed

  1. robert whitfield
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    09:40 - 06 September 2007

    Vietnamese national Dung Nyugen has become the sixth illegal immigrant in three days to be jailed for cultivating cannabis in Stoke-on-Trent.

    The 42-year-old, of no fixed address, was given a 14-month prison sentence after admitting cultivating 253 plants at a house in Alberta Street, Dresden, for 20 days up to April 20.

    Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard yesterday he ran a successful carpentry business in his native country, but sold up and smuggled himself into Britain to search for his abducted daughter.

    He is the sixth east-Asian to be jailed for producing the class-C drug this week, after a Staffordshire Police clampdown which has seen 20 arrests for the crime this year.

    Judge Paul Glenn told Nyugen: "You were not responsible for setting up the quite sophisticated operation the police found. Your counsel has described you as a gardener, but you were a gardener of a very valuable and illegal commodity. These offences have become increasingly prevalent in Stoke-on-Trent."

    He added: "I have recommended you are considered for deportation, because I am satisfied that your continued presence in the UK is detrimental to the public interest."

    The court heard police forced entry to the end-terrace property on April 20, and discovered cannabis being grown in four rooms.

    There was also a watering system in the bathroom.

    They found the electricity supply had been rigged to allow dozens of lamps to be shone on to waist-high plants.

    Prosecutor Phillip Beardwell said: "The set-up was very sophisticated."

    David Bentley, defending, said Nyugen, was being paid £70 a week to run the operation, to go towards searching for his lost daughter.

    He said: "He is at the bottom of the hierarchy for this type of enterprise. He was desperate when he came to the country. He was living on the streets."

    He added: "It is a sad case in that this man, now 42, had a business back in Vietnam and was well respected.

    "He was well off because of his carpentry business. He lost his wife because of an accident and found out his daughter had been abducted, and received information she was in the UK."

    Nyugen will serve up to half the sentence, minus the 137 days he has already spent on remand.

    On Monday, Chinese nationals Guo-Qiang Guo, previously of Meir Park, Guo Ping Shi and Jun Zhang, formerly of Hanley, and Vietnamese Kien Trung Vu were all imprisoned for 18 months for their part in producing £94,000 of cannabis at a house on Charminster Road, Meir Park. And in a separate case, Chinese Guomei Wang, aged 27, was sentenced to 18 months for cultivating 100 cannabis plants at St Nicholas Avenue, Norton.


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  1. robert whitfield
    UK Jailed for growing cannabis

    Jailed for growing cannabisSep 5 2007

    An illegal immigrant was found operating a "sophisticated" drug factory at his Walsall home after neighbours complained about the smell of cannabis.

    Recorder Steven Thomas jailed Van Thien Tran, aged 23, for two years and told him: "This was a commercial factory - a well ordered and well tendered operation.

    "It was working to supply cannabis to the open market and, while I accept you were not a leading light, you played your part."

    Tran, of Kingsley Street, Pleck, Walsall, admitted producing cannabis, a controlled drug, and the recorder further recommended he is deported back to Vietnam at the end of his sentence.

    Miss Wendy Miller, defending, said Tran came to the UK four years ago illegally and he had no work and no income.

    "He was asked to look after these plants and stupidly he got involved in the operation," she added

  2. Pondlife
    Re: UK Jailed for growing cannabis

    From the story it appears that he may have just been employed as a labourer to tend the plants, not the person who was actually responsible for the operation. If that's true then it's a shockingly minor thing to go to jail for.
  3. Heretic.Ape.
    Re: Uk: Vietnamese Cannabis gardener's Jailed

    Threads merged--there would appear to be a larger issue than the individual cases; namely Vietnamese immigrants being used (and taking the fall) for cannabis growing.
    I leave it up to further discussion to debate what various sociological issues this brings up ;)
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