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  1. Alfa

    A CANDIDATE is hoping to be elected as a ward councillor after mounting a
    campaign to set up legalised cannabis cafes.

    Widnes woman Emma O'Neill was the most effective candidate for the Legalise
    Cannabis Alliance party in the UK's 2001 local elections. Now she is
    re-launching her bid to become a ward councillor. But Emma, 27, is
    determined to get her campaign on a stronger footing this year by raising
    UKP 1,500.

    She needs a UKP 500 deposit to stand in the election and aims to spend the
    rest on printing flyers detailing her party's arguments for cannabis
    legalisation. She hopes to send her message out beyond her target ward to as
    many as 28,000 homes across the borough.

    She is looking for at least 30 campaigners to help out and for venues to
    hold debates. Emma, who scooped 7% of the Appleton Ward vote in 2001 for the
    officially registered Legalise Cannabis Alliance, compared with an average
    1-2% for its other candidates, thinks her belief in cannabis legalisation
    will appeal to a wide cross-section of people.

    She hopes to attract more votes this time as she will no longer campaign on
    a single issue - young people, education and transport will also figure
    highly on her agenda.

    She said: 'I want to appeal to a wide cross-section of people in the
    community who want to change things.

    'The Government's policy has seen the possession of Class C drugs changed
    into an arrestable offence.


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