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  1. Lady Codone
    Just needed to vent. My stomach is constantly gnawing and burning like I haven't eaten in weeks. Meanwhile, I've gained 5 lbs from eating every hour to appease this hole in my stomach.

    Had to give up tianeptine sodium, as it irritates the ol' ulcer too much. Same with Lortabs and codeine (though I haven't given them up yet!) What else is off limits? Acidic food, spicy food...basically all the things that make life great.

    1.5 months of Prilosec has only provided modest relief. Zantac, Rolaids, baking soda, Slippery Elm bark, chamomile tea & every other acid remedy has not helped the healing process at all.

    What caused this misery, you ask? NSAIDs. Daily ibuprofen to be exact. This is my 3rd NSAID-induced ulcer in my 30-year life. Yet my doctor won't prescribe anything stronger than ibuprofen for my endometriosis pain. Will he care that I have a hole in my stomach caused by the meds HE prescribed? Doubtful.

    Ahh, the joys of being a chronic pain sufferer. :rolleyes:


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