UN urges stand on internet drugs

By hh339 · Jun 18, 2006 · ·
  1. hh339
    Governments should do more to crack down on the illicit trade in controlled drugs over the internet, according to a new report by a UN organisation.

    The International Narcotics Control Board reports that there is an increase in dealers using cyberspace to market narcotics and mind-altering drugs.

    Its annual report says internet pharmacies are shipping prescription- only drugs across the globe.

    They are targeting former patients who have become addicted to drugs, it says.

    Abolon, an anabolic steroid
    Clozapine, an antipsychotic
    Evista for osteoporosis
    Hyzaar for high blood pressure
    Prozac for depression
    Ritalin for hyperactivity
    Tamoxifen for breast cancer
    Viagra for impotence

    The report warns the drug ritalin - used to treat hyperactive children - carries a high risk of abuse but was advertised on some websites as a "mild and harmless stimulant".

    It calls on governments to ask the judiciary to "ensure that adequate penalties be attributed" to people caught trafficking controlled drugs on the internet.

    An INCB board member, Hamid Ghodse, told a news conference in London that the trafficking of controlled drugs over the internet was "extremely serious".

    "There are more sites on how to make drugs, how to manufacture and produce them and even how to avoid detection by the police than there are on drugs education."

    Global issues

    The INCB also reported the following findings:

    * European governments are creating a "permissive environment" for drug users, which could lead to a rise in the trade of illegal drugs across the continent.

    * Europe is a major producer of synthetic drugs such as ecstasy. Governments should tighten controls on "precursors" - legal chemical compounds which are used to make illegal synthetic drugs.

    * Drug traffickers are targeting middle-class US citizens with high-purity heroin that they can smoke rather than inject.

    * A shift from growing crops to cultivating cannabis is worsening food shortages in Africa. The drugs trade is also funding wars in the continent.

    * Turkmenistan is not doing enough to stem the flow of heroin coming from neighbouring Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the world's top producer of the opium poppy which is used to make heroin.


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  1. Alfa
    Afghanistan is thanks to the US war there. What goes around comes around?
  2. hh339
    Exactly. And blaming the cultivation of cannabis for food shortages in Africa, nah, cant even find the words for that one.

    Check this one out: http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2005-06-07-g8-africa_x.htm

    "At a news conference after a White House meeting, the two leaders said they were close to an agreement with other G8 nations that would cancel 100% of the debt. They said they would present the plan for approval at the G8 summit next month in Scotland.

    Bush, however, made no commitment to go along with Blair's call for all wealthy nations to double their aid to Africa to up to $50 billion a year.

    Saying that his administration has already tripled U.S. aid to Africa over the past four years, including $15 billion to fight HIV-AIDS, Bush pledged an additional $674 million in emergency aid, most of which will go to fight famine in Ethiopia, Eritrea and other Horn of Africa nations.

    Both said non-emergency aid would go to only those nations that fight corruption and help their people. "Nobody wants to give money to a country that's corrupt, where leaders take money and put it in their pocket," Bush said."

    That last sentence speaks for itself. It would be interesting to see what would happen if someone found oil in Africa...
  3. The Doors
    This may seem a bit harsh, but after reading comments on here, is it possible that the US invaded Afghanistan to partly control the world's opium? I never really thought about that before and have started to realize how things really are out there and how the government is, especially the US - in the past 6-7months, but it would make sense.
  4. Nagognog2
    Regards the internet, they must get the same damn spam I do: "No wimmin likey you little dicky get big dicky! Viagra easy!"
  5. Alfa
    The US has compiled the government of Afghanistan almost exclusively out of opium the countries largest drug lords. It's almost to crazy to believe, but it sure looks like it.
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