UN withdraws Cannabis Decriminalisation Statements

By slicedmind · Feb 26, 2010 · ·
  1. slicedmind
    UNODC censors its own website making the case for cannabis decriminalisation

    The page on the UN Office on Drugs and Crime site that we flagged up on the blog earlier this week, has now been censored to remove the section featuring a rare outbreak of pragmatism making the case for cannabis decriminalisation.

    These seems rather pathetic. The page in question has sat unmolested since September 2006, over 3 years, only to be stripped of the decrim-arguments now, the day after we blog about it. Why, its almost as if......

    Anyway, as people should all know by now the internet never forgets, and you can read the page as it was using the ever useful Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

    Page before
    Page now (note missing section 4)

    I hope that the fact they have rather childishly censored this page on their own site will help teach the UNODC another lesson: Internet users do not like being treated like idiots and tend to respond rather badly.

    So to all our internet friends: Please link this and the previous blog as much as possible, blog about it elsewhere, and use twitter, facebook and all your other internet toys to get the original page (and its censorship) as much publicity as possible.

    By all means contact a few journo friends as well, see if you can get it in the news. They should be interested as it makes considerably more interesting news than (or at least an interesting counterpoint to) the latest tedious INCB report, obsessed as ever with attacking countries who, wait for it, dare contemplate decriminalising drug possession.

    Transform Drug Policy Blog
    STEVE ROLLES, 25/02/2010

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  1. chillinwill
  2. Sven99
    Section 4 is back on the official site, in a heavily edited form with none of its original balance.
  3. corvardus
    As Chillinwell has pointed out, quite effectively. What is posted on the net STAYS on the net. Webarchives has a reputation for being a simple unedited mirror of all sites that it comes across.

    The UN can't simply edit it without people having easy access to what it is before. This is a pathetic move by the UN web administrators, and one that can be easilly and effectively pointed out.

    It would be better if they simply put the original piece back online.
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