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  1. junkbox
    Police say they found a "small bag" of crack hidden inside the foreskin of one Antoine Banks, late of Fairdale, Ky., during a strip search ordered after another small bag of cocaine was found "tied to the waistband of Banks' boxers." There are, probably, better places on one's body to secrete contraband—certainly there are more comfortable places—but the drug-concealing ability of the male human foreskin is, I think, an under-explored aspect of the circumcision debate. [WLKY]

    Feb 8, 2011


  1. gmeziscool2354
    oh no the new secret stash box has been revealed!
  2. vorsybl
    Why were they looking in the first place? A donkey has shoved drugs in its boxers a couple times but not in itsdick
  3. gmeziscool2354
    well, its pretty hard to hide anything when someone has their pants around their ankles and a cop wearing white latex gloves is saying "spread your cheeks and lift your sack, sir please don't make this any more difficult than it needs to be".

    the foreskin is a brilliant idea probably the only place left. props to the dude for making it that far
  4. 4bucks
    Must have had one hell of a foreskin.I was circumcised,I doubt such things would be possible for me.
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