Under 10s treated for drug abuse (UK)

By Lunar Loops · Aug 1, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    More propoganda and spin, this time from the BBC. Whilst it is deplorable that children this young are taking any sort of substance (legal or otherwise), this style of reporting does little to help anyone. It uses emotive language to try and hammer home a message and if you actually read the article the real problem lies with youngsters and alcohol, but the article focuses in on the cannabis aspect. This from the BBC News website:

    Under 10s treated for drug abuse

    _42514059_joint203.jpg The average age for treatment for addiction is 14, experts say

    Children as young as six have been treated for cannabis addiction in Manchester, a drugs expert has said.
    Drug specialists also reported regularly seeing addicts aged eight and nine referred to them.
    They said the children suffered from paranoia, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.
    One drugs worker said the youngest child he had dealt with was six - and that addiction was usually just one of a series of problems youngsters face.

    Mike Linnell, 47, from the charity Lifeline Project , which has run a support service for young substance abusers in Manchester for two years, said: "We run eight different young person's services in the country and two years ago we didn't run any.
    "Around 70% of the young people who we treat come to us through the criminal justice service.
    "They have mostly been in trouble with the law already and drug addiction is only one of a whole series of problems they have to face."
    Oldham Alcohol Substance Intervention Service (Oasis) said children were trying out drugs at a younger age.
    The warning comes only days after a new study into the effects of cannabis led to calls for the government to reclassify the drug.
    Oasis opened five years ago and offers support to young people suffering drug abuse problems.

    Jamelia Rashid, from the centre, said: "It is very unusual to have a child as young as eight suffering from cannabis addiction.
    "We have only had one case of a child of that age coming to us within the last five years.
    "Alcohol, not cannabis, remains the most commonly abused drug among young people. Ms Rashid added: "The average age for young people seeking support for problematic cannabis use is around 14, though it's not unusual for 11 and 12-year-olds to begin experimenting". He added that many of these children also have family problems, alcohol addiction and are frequently in care.

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  1. RunRedFox
  2. Kakkoii
    Lol, This is funny.

    Marijuana isn't addictive, But when it's given to children this young, Of course they won't have the will power to just say no. Children can get addicted to almost anything haha. Let's put them in rehab for they're addiction to candy and video games.

    Giving kids of that age any kind of drug, is at risk of causing complications, it's common sense.
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