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Unemployment beckons...

By Focus, Jul 27, 2008 | |
  1. Focus
    Felix is getting a bit anxious that his current job is coming to an end. He's a freelance feline and work isn't easy to come by at the moment in his market sector. Something to do a "credit crunch" or something...

    There have been a quite few places which have sounded very positive when he's first contacted them, but most have come to nothing, and he suspects that many at-least-as-qualified cats are applying for the jobs that he has.

    He's got an interview next Friday, and he's hoping that will go well, as he's usually pretty good in a face-to-face situation. The only problem with that one is that he's going to have to live away from his feline friends (he doesn't have many, but those he has are very important to him).

    Perhaps one of the other jobs in London will come good before then.


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