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University may add coffee brewing to degree programs

By Rob Cypher, Mar 15, 2014 | |
  1. Rob Cypher
    One California university might soon be taking the study of java to a whole new level.

    The University of California, Davis recently founded the UC Davis Coffee Center and this week held its first Coffee Research Conference.

    It was billed as an “exciting day of innovative coffee science,” according to the website for the conference.

    The Los Angeles Times writes, “[The program] included coffee genetics, the microbiology of coffee production, the sensory perception of coffee and wine drinkers and a panel on coffee research. The day, of course, was broken up by scheduled coffee breaks.”

    The center and the conference were reportedly born out of a single popular class at the university called “Design of Coffee.” But as The Sacramento Bee reports, it could develop into its own major centered around the flavorful bean.

    “We think there is sufficient interest given the fact that so many people have consumed coffee so regularly across the world, for so long," the Director of the Foods for Health Institute at the university told the Sacramento paper. "Coffee is not an insignificant contributor to the agricultural footprint.”

    But the school, which is already known for its wine and beer making programs, isn’t the first to take an academic look at coffee.

    Texas A&M is home to the World Coffee Research program, while Vanderbilt University is home to the Institute for Coffee. Those centers look at the agricultural side of coffee and the health effects of the beverage, among other things.

    UC Davis will reportedly soon build a greenhouse where it will grow and research coffee beans. Whether coffee will be a 4-year program though, that idea is still percolating.

    March 14, 2014



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