Unknown man acts against drinking in public laws

By fnord · Jul 18, 2008 ·
  1. fnord
    In portland maine there is an unjust law unjustifiably applied to mainly homeless citizens "drinking in public" i have seen this law applied to homeless people while at the same time "nomal" citizens have been allowed to walk scot free while committing the same crime only feet away from homless people being arrested. In the spirit of abby hoffman over 100 bracelets were given out on the forth of july under the premise that they allowed the normal citizen to drink in public for the weekend after signing a "drinking in public consent form" portland officials could not be reached for comment and the portland police have refused comment on this subject to independent reporters. This citizens initiive will continue untill the persicution of homeless people suffering from the disese of alcoholism ends. the majority of the braclests were handed out to passengers disembarking from a local cruise ship -one of portland main sources of income. a local citizen, Eric white fully supported this initiative saying(While holding a beer in public) " its about time someone stood up and did something about about this injust law"

    Please express your respectfull opions to the portland city council.

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