Unnecessary suffering

By Coconut · Jan 6, 2010 · ·
  1. Coconut
    It seems like every day I am forced to sit and watch people around me - sometimes family, sometimes friends, sometimes complete strangers - suffer unnecessarily, while a treatment might be easily available. Please allow me to illustrate some examples.

    Father (deceased): cancer and all typical associated symptoms.
    Mother: depression, nicotine addiction.
    Brother: obesity.
    Uncle: obesity.
    Grandmother A: chronic depression.
    Grandmother B: chronic pain, high blood pressure.
    Aunt: cluster headaches.

    Right now I could think of perhaps twenty different drugs which could potentially assist with these conditions, some of the most effective being the most strictly prohibited.

    Grandmother A nearly died during Christmas 2008 from encephalitis caused by a cocktail of medicines which were prescribed by some moron of a doctor. Had it not been for myself and my brother, who recognised her prescription combinations and symptoms as being potentially life-threatening, she would be dead, but thankfully survived.

    I am not a doctor, but to the layman I have a fairly impressive knowledge of drugs and their pharmacologies. Instead of dismissing suggestions due to legal status, I would prefer if people could take a look at reality for just one second and realise that the demon drugs they are so appalled by could very well improve their quality of life dramatically.

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  1. dyingtomorrow
    I could not agree with this more.
  2. VirtuallyEmotionless
    SWIM is with dyingtomorrow on this one. Good for you Coconut, being able to see that the "drug cocktail" you described as being life threatening. (The good for you is sincere, not sarcasm, need to point that out as to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.)
  3. no-go
    Drugs can definitely solve suffering, but they can cause it too. Having SAD and depression I attest that SSRI's can stop suffering.

    When you're correcting a physical deficiency that would otherwise not exist in a normal person, such as a hormone imbalance, biological malfunction, etc. drugs are one of the best answers.

    But drugs work on people who do not have physical conditions that necessitate them. Popping adderall will chase the blues away, but since it is not making up for a biological process the user is lacking, it is not solving the problem; it is merely a temporary remedy for the manifestations of the problem (sadness, or whatever). In fact, it can even eventually CAUSE the underlying condition which it is supposed to treat! What good is this? In that scenario drugs will not stop suffering it just perpetuates it and contributes to it.

    just saying It's hasty to advocate drug use for symptoms, it's better to advocate it for diagnosable medical conditions. Treat the cause, not the symptoms. But otherwise I agree with you - people don't need to experience those things when mankind has created wonderful chemicals to remedy them. Just gotta be cautious about it.

    /Personal experience that's all. Dealing with loved ones addicted to adderall, it's painful to watch.
  4. podge
    I think it apparent to anybody who explores the issue , that the drug war simply causes more problems than it creates. Personal freedoms (recreational, intellectual and spiritual) are infringed, ones right to have access to certain medicines is infringed, whilst all the while allowing some horrendously dangerous people to make insane profits from the drugs black market. The implications are staggering.
  5. bluntshell
    Very refreshing to read to me this AM....

    As am about to go to work in one of the most closed minded places ever.....

    I hope the legal climate changes so all these people can get their medicine....
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