update on why there is UK Dexedrine shortage from manafacters themselves.

By MotherSuperior · Apr 22, 2008 · Updated Apr 23, 2008 · ·
  1. MotherSuperior
    SWIM just got of the phone with the nice people at UCB Pharma UK. OK, from now on it has to be ordered direct from UCB(who have stock, now) as opposed to from AAH or Unichem(drug wholesalers and suppylers to UK pharmacys of pretty much everything pharmacetical) Apparently this has been the case since 1st April and from what I could gather is due to 'illegal diversion'. From where? to where? of course this drug has a fair bit of 'diversion' at street level but at manufacturing level/wholesale/pharmacy level? If SWIM worked in the system and had the power to divert controlled drugs like this(ie get away with it) SWIM would divert something like a CD I'd at least do it with something with more street cred!(SWIM hears people talking of Oxycontin 40mg's changing hands for the region of £xx each on street, amongst other items, last thing SWIM heard 5mg Dexedrine Tab had £x.x street value, very rough figures but my point is Dexe's would probably not yeild the kind of return that makes someone at that level risk their registration, job and jail, maybe something SWIM is not understanding here!)- what would ordering direct solve anyway other than the <1000 tab thing? I dont think I've ever heard of 1000 Dexamfetamine tablets being in one pharmacy, not even in the height of the private scripting frenzy by Private docs prescribing it for... well anyone... a few years back in London. Apparently these are still prescribed a lot in the West country for by substance misuse agency's, and was historically prescribed before the time Methadone was.

    SWIM is not sure if this is even on a named patient basis, SWIM just understands that although it needs to be ordered from UCB they can bill and possibly distribute through Unichem. Oh, and apparently a maximum amount of (just under)1000 tablets can be ordered at once. So if the wholesaler is billing it and delivering it still, eh? SWIM is confused. Yet the pharmacy has to order direct from the manufacturers here(UCB pharma) now. Maybe SWIM was not told aware of the full reasoning behind this.

    Sorry for some of the sketchy details as the UCB rep was not to 100% herself on some of this information and I was ever so slightly distracted*cough*

    Hope this was helpful info to someone, who like SWIM gets a script but was told by their pharmacy that supply would be unavailable indefinitely due to manufacturing issues as that's all the pharmacy knew to.
    SWIM has since called SWIMS pharmacy who now know exactly what to do(allegedly) and only ask that SWIM ask's SWIMS doc to send in next weeks script ASAP before they order(hmm seems like 'named patient' meds to me...)

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  1. FuBai
    Remeber - no price discussion allowed. You should edit your post before you receive negative rep/an infraction.

    Illegal diversion at the wholesale level would probably still be worth the risk - especially if you can divert (through employee theft, bribery or at gun point/break in) 10,000 pills or more. However, selling them direct to pharmacies would probably mean that the amounts (less that 1000 as you said) would be far less worth the risk.
  2. MotherSuperior
    Oh those wer'nt real prices... SWIM would not know the price of Dexedrine or Oxycontins anyway as SWIM gets enough from legal script. SWIM just makes the point that whatever they may sell for Dexedrine would be far cheaper than a lot of other items that could be misdirected.

    Sorry if that is still not allowed though...*edit*heh can edit now so out go those figment of my imagination prices.

    The thing is that the manafacturer are sending out meds on a per pharmacy basis only wheras before SWIM imagines that they sent convoys of truck's to these two wholesalers... hey maybe the drivers where ripping of the dex? really! it's not undheard of, SWIM has done courier work and 'knows' things. Maybe some of these convoys got hijacked? Or the wholesaler was robbed? Not sure but Dexedrine has been singled out and UCB also make Ritalin which SWIM knows is still being supplied the 'convential' way. SWIM would love to know whats going on.

    SWIM's pharmacy only orders 4 boxxes for SWIM at a time(2 weeks worth) 112 total and SWIM is only person who gets this med there and probably in SWIMS town. As mentioned SWIM believes Dexedrine is still prescribed in some parts of West county and to a few oddballs like SWIM. When looking for stock SWIM called over 50 local/semi-local pharmacy. 6 had low amounts of stock(all gone thanks to SWIM). Hope SWIM pharmacy can get order done or it's going to be Ritalin for SWIM next week(prefers Dexedrine).... still... curious...
  3. Alfa
    Illegal diversion at wholesale level is very normal. Would you ever think that some companies manage to 'loose' a full warehouse of Viagra's in one night? And then they actually report it stolen and get away with it.
  4. MotherSuperior
    Granted but we're talking about the Schedule 2, Class B Controlled Drug, this country is just nearly finished implementing recommendation's from the Harold Shipman Enquiry(a tragic tail of diverted drugs if ever).

    SWIM is just astounded that it is even possible in large enough amount.

    SWIM is a Registered Nurse(barely now lol) and before got outed as a junkie worked in ITU and knows a bit about diverting CD's to in tiny tiny amounts but even with new regulations would find it much more difficult(SWIM was always willing to deal with destruction/disambling of PPA pumps...).

    But wow! I guess it's feasible that maybe the warehouse got raided and forwhatever reasons UCB are not happy supplying those warehouses again. Would love to know the real story. I guess if there was a raid then nobody there would want to publicize it much. Gives people ideas.
  5. Perpetual Idiot
    SWIM lives in the West Country and is prescribed Dexedrine for narcolepsy. SWIM was also told of a 'supply problem' a month ago, but supply is now back to normal. SWIM's pharmacist said that she didn't know the reason for the problem.
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