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    Undercover police officers in West Valley, Utah, shot and killed a relapsed heroin user in the parking lot of an apartment building Friday afternoon. Police have yet to confirm that it was a drug investigation, but all signs point to it.

    Danielle Misha Willard, 21, becomes the 56th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

    Because police have been slow to release information, the circumstances of the killing remain somewhat murky. But according to Fox 13 TV, police said two undercover officers were involved, and one received minor injuries, although not from gunfire. The officers were on the scene "trying to contact someone regarding an investigation, but the nature of that investigation hasn't been officially disclosed."

    "We want to complete the investigation before any specific details are announced," said West Valley Police Sgt. Mike Powell. "It's in our best interest and everyone's best interest to collect all details before any specific statement is made."

    According to the Deseret News, a gray SUV belonging to Willard was parking in a parking stall and a red SUV was parked directly behind it. The driver's side of the red vehicle was wedged against the back of the red SUV , in what appears to have been an effort to block it from leaving, but police said the red vehicle was not a police vehicle.

    Willard's body was on the ground nearby. The front windshield of her vehicle had what appeared to be two bullet holes, and both the driver's side and the passenger's side windows also appeared to be shattered.

    Police have not said if Willard was the subject of their investigation, whether there was an exchange of gunfire, or whether the young woman was armed.

    Her mother, Melissa Kennedy, told Fox 13 Willard had been addicted to heroin and had gone to Salt Lake City to undergo drug treatment, but had recently relapsed.

    "Danielle struggled with heroin, she tried many times to get away from it. She tried by herself. I went through with her for a couple weeks. She went through three facilities, the last one in Utah," said Kennedy, Danielle’s mother. It sounds like drugs were involved because undercover cops were there," she added.

    While Willard may have been using heroin, she was not likely to have been armed, her mother said.

    "My daughter has never carried a weapon in her life. She's about 100 pounds soaking wet," Kennedy said. "How can she be so scary that someone feels like they have to shoot her?"

    Police said they would release more information Monday.

    by Phillip Smith, November 04, 2012, 03:41pm
    West Valley, Utah, United States. StopTheDrugWar.org


  1. Euphoric
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    Vancouver woman fatally shot by police in Utah

    Officials would not say if she was armed, fired at detectives

    Danielle Willard, 21, of Vancouver was shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting south of Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday.

    By Paul Suarez
    Columbian Staff Reporter

    A 21-year-old Vancouver woman was shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting south of Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday.

    Danielle Misha Willard was shot by West Valley City Police Department detectives who were conducting an investigation at an apartment complex around 1:30 p.m. Friday, according to a West Valley police bulletin.

    A detective was transported to a local hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.

    Police are releasing few details on the incident. They did not say if Willard was armed or fired at police.

    Sgt. Mike Powell, spokesman for West Valley police, said the injured officer was evaluated at the hospital and released. Two detectives involved in the incident were put on paid administrative leave, standard procedure after an officer-involved shooting, he said.

    Powell said further details weren’t available.

    The Deseret News reported that officials would not say Friday how the detective was injured. Sgt. Amy Maurer told the paper that two detectives had contacted someone before the shooting but wouldn’t say if it was Willard.

    Willard’s family said she was addicted to heroin for the past few years and moved to Utah in April for treatment, The Deseret News reported.

    Her mother, Melissa Kennedy of Vancouver, told the paper she wasn’t sure why her daughter was shot.

    “Everything that keeps going through my mind is speculation. Did she get back on drugs? Was she really clean? Was it ‘Wrong place at the wrong time’? I don’t know,” Kennedy told The Deseret News in a phone interview.

    Attempts by The Columbian to reach Kennedy were unsuccessful.

    According to Willard’s Facebook page, she graduated from Gresham High School in Oregon in 2009.

    A Facebook page, “Justice for Danielle Willard,” was set up on Sunday.

    Paul Suarez:
    360-735-4522; http://twitter.com/col_cops; paul.suarez@columbian.com.

    Originally published November 5, 2012 at 9:45 p.m., updated November 5, 2012 at 11:25 p.m.

  2. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User


    WEST VALLEY CITY — The family of a 21-year-old woman killed in an officer-involved shooting yesterday await answers in her death. So far, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the shooting at this apartment complex.

    We still don't know why officers shot and killed Danielle Willard. Her family says, she wasn't a violent person but drugs may have been her downfall.

    Willard's mother, who lives in Vancouver, Washington, is anxious for information to come out.

    "Everything that keeps going through my mind is speculation," said Melissa Kennedy. "Did she get back on drugs? Was she really clean? Was it the wrong place at the wrong time?"

    Willard was shot Friday and killed by undercover officers in the parking lot of an apartment complex in West Valley. Police used white sheets to cover her body from public view. Authorities aren't saying what led to the shooting.

    Willard's family says she struggled with a heroin addiction. She moved to Utah in April to try and shake the demons from her past.

    "She went there to a sober house to get clean," Kennedy said. "She was doing so good."

    Kennedy said she had just obtained her own apartment to live in. Willard's family doesn't want people to judge her. They say she had a different side than the drug addict: A budding photographer, a former high school track star, a daughter, a sister and friend.

    "She obviously has a lot of conflict inside her, but what people need to remember is she had a very good soul. She was a good person, a giving person," Kennedy said.

  3. nitehowler
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    This is what the war on drugs is doing to our families.

    I hope the police and politicians responsible for this young ladies death rot in hell and wish all the bad karma imaginable upon them.

    The system has failed our families the ridiculous government need their arses kicked for their ongoing injustices committed against our families.

    My deepest sympathy goes to this girls poor family and her sweet soul.
  4. source
    Mother of woman killed by police visits memorial, waits for answers

    [imgl=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=29575&stc=1&d=1352421843[/imgl]WEST VALLEY CITY — Melissa Kennedy left Utah on Wednesday to return to her home in Vancouver, Wash. Before she left, she stopped by the parking lot of the Lexington Park Apartments, 2293 W. Lexington Park Drive (3710 South), one last time to see the makeshift memorial created for her daughter, Danielle "Dee Dee" Willard.

    "I just had to see the scene one more time. I wanted to see the flowers again, read the notes that were written, sit here and remember my baby girl," Kennedy said.

    On Nov. 2, Willard was shot and killed by one or two undercover West Valley City police officers conducting an investigation. Kennedy said the autopsy report from the state medical examiner indicated that her daughter had been shot twice in the head. One bullet entered the crown of her head, Kennedy said. A second went through Willard's jaw area.

    Kennedy is reserving judgment about what happened until a full investigation into the shooting is completed. But on the surface, she said, something about the shooting just isn't adding up.

    "I'm reserving judgment on the police officers. I'm sad for my daughter's loss. I am angry this has happened," she said. "It looks like it may have been some bad judgments here. But until we get all the information back, I'd really like to not pass judgment on that.

    "I just want the truth, and I'm willing to wait. Just as long as I get the truth in the end," Kennedy said.

    On Wednesday, flowers, candles and messages were left on the pavement where Willard died. On note said, "We love you so much, Dee Dee. I will never forget your beautiful smile and the joy you brought to my life."

    Next to the memorial were paint markings used by police investigators to mark each of the tires of Willard's car. There were two more sets of tire markings nearby.

    Right after the shooting Friday, a red SUV was T-boned against Willard's vehicle. Wednesday, that SUV, which apparently belongs to a tenant of the apartment complex, was parked in a covered parking area near the area where the shooting occurred. The car had very minor scratches.

    Kennedy said she has not been given a good explanation about how the SUV ended up where it did.

    West Valley police have said they will not release specific details about the shooting until the investigation is completed.

    Kennedy has been in Utah for a couple of days collecting pictures and other items from her daughter's Murray apartment. She also has been interviewing her daughter's friends and anyone who may have information about the shooting in an effort to find some answers on her own.

    As to whether there was anyone else in the car with Willard when she was shot, Kennedy said it depends on what she reads or to whom she talks.

    "I choose to wait and let the detectives find out," she said.

    [imgr=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=29576&stc=1&d=1352421843[/imgr]But police have confirmed to Kennedy that Willard did not have a firearm.

    According to the information Kennedy has collected, her daughter was in the driver's seat of her vehicle when she was shot. At one point, there were detectives on each side of her vehicle, breaking out the driver- and passenger-side windows.

    There were also two bullet holes in the windshield. Kennedy said she believes her daughter was pulled out of the car through the passenger-side door after she was shot and laid down on the pavement as officers attempted to administer first aid.

    One officer was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. But Kennedy doesn't know if the officer was hit by her daughter's vehicle or if he just fell down down while running and injured himself, another rumor she said she was told.

    What Kennedy also doesn't know is what prompted the officer or officers to open fire, whether they were justified and how the bullet struck Willard in the trajectory it did.

    "There is something wrong here. There is obviously something wrong. How bad it is, I don't know. What they did right, I don't know. Again, we'll wait for the report and see what the real results are," she said.

    Kennedy knows her daughter battled a severe heroin addiction. She knows her daughter wasn't perfect, especially when on drugs. Kennedy wants to keep a realistic view of what happened, which is why she's not ready to pass judgment on police.

    But she also wants answers.

    "I'm all for take your time. Give me the answers when you absolutely know them. Because I don't want them to come to me one day and say one thing and then come back two days later and say, 'Oh wait, we found out some more information.'

    "I'm running on adrenaline. That's all I can think of. I feel a vise around my chest. I don't know if I'm holding myself tight enough, but I'm trying not to shake," she said.

    On Saturday, Willard will be buried in hometown of Vancouver, Wash.

    "I would like for this (incident) not to be known as a negative thing. Let's make something positive out of it. Let's learn from it if there was something wrong. Let's make this a teaching tool for other officers and other ways to take on this kind of a situation," Kennedy said.

    By Pat Reavy, Deseret News, Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 5:34 p.m. MST
  5. DiabolicScheme
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    Terrible, always suspicious when the cops aren't revealing details. Poor girl.
  6. nitehowler
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    Seems like the police are really covering something up here as you would expect a statement of circumstances by now but it seems the police want forensic evidence so that they can corroborate
    their statements .
    Pretty suspect.
  7. source
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    There are a few things here that I don't understand, but I'm sure the police will come up with a completely convincing story of events.
    I'd like to know why there was only minor scratches on the red SUV when its position suggests it was stopping Willard from driving out and getting away. Plus this red SUV belonging to another tenant seems a bit odd, especially as they mention no other party involved and confirm that the undercover cops were the ones that shot her.
    Shooting someone in the head is pretty mad considering she was unarmed as well.

    Reminds me of the guy who shot himself in the back of a cop car a few months back, that one sounded well iffy but nothing came of it and the cops ended up going back to work.

    I'll keep a look out for any more details.
  8. JTC3889
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    Cops are pigs. First the kid in Alabama who was on lsd, now this? pathetic. A police officer was not givin a firearm if they are going to shoot someone who is not armed. Another life ended by these stupid fucking PIGS!!
  9. source
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    Calm down. I don't think calling the police that is very good at all. I see your point comparing this one to the kid on LSD, but other than that you don't really have a convincing arguement or interesting comment.

    Does anyone know if more details on this have been released yet? I haven't been well and haven't been able to look around much lately.
  10. SIR KIT
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    "We had to shoot cause we feared for our life" says 5 armed grown men in bullet proof vests after they shoot a 100 pound female (not a real quote)
  11. talltom
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    I'm sure I've seen a dozen similar stories involving police killings on the Forum in just the past year. Even if the Washington and Colorado initiatives do not result in permanent legalization (and I have my doubts about this), we should at least have a complete overhaul of the Federal and State drug laws. We need to look at issues such as police training, mandatory minimum sentences, and confiscation of property to fund and enrich police agencies. The War on Drugs has become unaccountable, except for those who benefit from it, such as police and prison guards. I hope we can end it altogether, but I don't see that happening any time soon, despite the good news this November. So a thorough good look might be a useful interim step.
  12. source
    Re: Utah Undercover Cops Kill Woman Heroin User

    Police released a few more details Friday about a police shooting that killed a 21-year-old woman in West Valley City earlier this month.

    According to a news release from West Valley City Police Sgt. Mike Powell, Danielle Misha Willard was shot twice in the head by two West Valley City detectives while they were conducting a drug investigation in the area around the Lexington Park Apartments at 2293 W. Lexington Park Drive (3710 South).

    Powell said the detectives had "made contact" with Willard, during which time they fired shots at her. One officer also was injured, but not by gunshots. Powell also acknowledged that Willard’s car collided with a red Dodge Nitro in the Lexington Park parking lot. The Dodge had nothing to do with the investigation at hand, Powell said.

    Witnesses who have agreed to talk with The Salt LakeTribune since the shooting reported the two detectives, who are on administrative leave, were not in uniform at the time of the shooting. Willard’s mother, Melissa Kennedy, also said that investigators told her that her daughter wasn’t armed. Police have not confirmed Kennedy’s statement. The shooting was witnessed by a Lexington Park resident who called 911 from his apartment. He declined to speak on the record about what he saw when contacted by The Tribune.

    A request for a recording of that 911 call was denied this week by West Valley City officials, citing an ongoing investigation into the shooting.

    West Valley City detectives and the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office are still investigating the shooting. Once the investigation is complete, the District Attorney’s Office will decide whether the shooting was justified.

    By Kimball Bennion | The Salt Lake Tribune
    First Published Nov 16 2012 04:21 pm • Last Updated Nov 16 2012 09:27 pm

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