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  1. Diverboone
    This article is old but I thought the prospects of getting a manufacturing charge from the urine extraction was pushing the legal limit a little too far.

    There was a scientific method to Daniel Zeiszler's madness when he tried to extract methamphetamine from his own urine, after smoking the illegal street drug last September in his South San Francisco hotel room.

    But Zeiszler's experiment went dangerously awry when he spilled some solvent on himself, then lit a cigarette while he contemplated his next move, starting a fire that burned his right hand and arm.

    The hotel was evacuated. Firefighters were summoned. So were hazardous materials experts.

    Zeiszler, a 22-year-old employee of a San Francisco recycling depot, landed in jail.

    Zeiszler, who pleaded no contest to a charge of manufacturing methamphetamine in November, was sentenced Friday to five months in prison -- with credit for time served -- and three years' probation by San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Robert Foiles.



  1. Potter
    When someone is so incompetent as to be igniting themselves on fire like that, charges need to be used in any way possible to get them away from the public. He is clearly a threat to himself and others.
  2. EmergencyGrant24
    Interesting story, how on earth would you do that anyways? seems like it involves a lot of attention and time. Also it is even a viable means of extraction?

    Never the less interesting story! Thanks for the share
  3. (NS)-M-Lo-Reason
    Is it possible to extract methamphetamine from urine? Phenylacetic acid would definitely be there, but is meth excreted unchanged? I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'd like input from someone who would not be using volatile solvents while smoking.

    To all those reading this who would do so, I have it on good authority that making Jenkem from a heroin users turds will transform the marijuana like high from the hydrogen sulfide into a opium like nod. Very important though, the person MUST be a vegetarian, otherwise the morphine will bind to the meat and create cruelty molecules. (1)

    (1): Science
  4. Potter
    The subject comes up here every few years, it shouldn't be very hard to do from a technical standpoint. Problem is, in order to get enough urine, to have enough meth to be worth going through it, you really need to save up like a month's worth of piss, which will stink to high hell. I've seen MANY people say they would try it out, not a single one has reported back.
  5. Nosferatus
    I don't know enough about chemistry, either bio or regular old, to comment on whether or not this is actually possible, however, it does sound exactly like the kind of idea one would come up with on a multi-day meth binge, and it's pretty common knowledge how viable those generally are. Even if this is theoretically possible it seems like far more trouble than it's worth. I wonder if you can be charged for simply saying you're trying to make drugs, or if you have to actually be attempting to do so via a viable process. For example, could I be charged if I was caught mixing gravel into peanut butter, were I to explain my actions as making meth?
  6. mrs.badger
    How did this not make it into an episode of 'Breaking Bad'?
  7. Potter
    because it is stupid and no one would believe it.
  8. AKA_freckles
    Good question. I was wondering that as well. I'm guessing just having the solvent and intent were enough for him to get arrested.

    I wonder if this will be his rock bottom. I hope so, I'm not sure how much lower one can go.
  9. Diverboone
    Here is a thread I started last year.

    Tinkle Tweakers;

    Tinkle Tweakers are meth users who store their urine and feces, and attempt to recover the un metabolized methamphetamine from the urine and feces when they get desperate for another high.


    My question and concern is, if this man can be charged with manufacturing, then what's to say that someone with meth in their urine could not be charged with possession of precursors? Or possession of methamphetamine its self? In my State the amount of methamphetamine possessed is calculated from the total weight of product containing meth. If you have a gram of a drug dissolved in a bottle of water, you will be charged with possession of (total weight of water) that drug. I'm not sure if the Feds use the same time of calculation but it they do, their charges and sentencing is in relation to how much is possessed.

    It's quite possible to reclaim the unmetabolized meth in urine. Back a few years ago a man in Missouri was bust with a lab and the police could not figure out why he had about 30 gal of urine stored in his house. Rather than keeping his mouth shut, he explained to the authorities why he had the urine. Which got him a few more charges and some sensational news for the media.

    From 5% to 75% of methamphetamine is eliminated through urine, unchanged as the parent drug. Since this is unchanged and still HCl, it would seem all one had to do is save a large amount and evaporate it. Then clean contaminants out of the meth.
  10. Diverboone
  11. Diverboone
    The warrant filed in Washington County Sessions Court by JCPD Investigator Mark Hollis said officers found a total of 26 one-pot meth bottles, 38 urine one-pot meth bottles, a little more than two grams of methamphetamine as well as multiple items used to make the highly addictive drug during the search of a South Roan Street residence.

    Investigator Mike Adams, who is also director of 1st Judicial Drug Task Force, said urine meth bottles like the ones found at Daniel K. Hylmon’s house are the result of a meth user’s urine being collected and then “cooked” to extract meth in the liquid.

    “If you smoke more meth than your body can absorb, it will excrete through urine,” Adams said. It’s becoming more common for investigators to locate urine meth bottles at meth labs or areas where meth bottles are disposed.

    “They can re-cook the meth out of the urine,” Adams said. “You can actually see the meth settle in the bottle of a meth user’s urine.”

  12. Diverboone
    144 gal of urine!!!

    Law enforcement officers in East Tennessee say they have so far found three methamphetamine operations that extract the illegal drug from urine in Anderson County.

    Chief Deputy Mark Lucas said the department got a tip that led to a raid Thursday, resulting in drug charges against Rickie Jack Harber, 47. Deputies found meth-making components and 144 gallons of urine, stored in plastic bottles,http://methamphetamineabusediscussionforum.yuku.com/topic/7122#.VBg0eRayo_w
  13. EmergencyGrant24
    Lol The mercury fulminate was a stupid thing in that first season of breaking bad, while It's real it doesn't have a crystalline structure like meth does, They crystals look so beautiful I saw a huge bag of it one time at a party and I couldn't believe it I had never seen it before. It looked so pretty too big long round crystals of different sizes almost like quarts crystal carved into a nice shape.

    As for the Extraction, who wants to go through all that trouble like many people have said they say they'll do it and never post their findings, shocking... wow I can't believe they can do this What is the method like for extractions I'm sure it's very dangerous to do. Would I be correct saying this?
  14. EmergencyGrant24
    Well of course they would arrest and charge you possibly, if they could get you for conspiracy to manufacture a scheduled substance eg; meth I do see someone possibly being prosecuted.
  15. hookedonhelping
    The only way this guy got arrested for this is if he told on himself. Distilling your own urine is not illegal and is something I plan on doing if the the drinking water in my country ever becomes contaminated. The presence of solvents could have easily been explained as some solvents are great for cleaning glassware. Doing this in a hotel room is very irresponsible.
  16. hotdogfrenchfries
    Toilets are conveniently designed for clandestine use as separatory funnels and it is perfectly normal to have naoh or koh nearby for clearing clogs.
    now i dont drink alcohol too much because i cant afford being unconscious around my abusive wife but i'm pretty sure there's a good reason the most common slang word for meth is "shit"

    as to the urine, personally I pee clear after 2 or 3 liters of water, and though if left in the sun for a day (with a bit of methanol added to speed up evap) a small 50ml sample of clear liquid does crystallize the yield is very poor and if any c10h15n hcl was present the smell of its freebase could not be noticed when H2O @ ph 13 was added.

    sorry if this post is deemed substandard or inappropriate.... but while on the scat. topic I will add that I met 2 new people in the last 3 or so months while at home:
    1) one entered the house at the same time poop hit the water
    2) one showed up 10 minutes after I curiously took a shot of 50ml of clear tasteless urine after drinking 3 bottles of water throughout the night. that day, one hit of meth was taken, and shortly thereafter the ~750ml of urine that came out were bright yellow - like rave party neon yellow. curious, to say the least.
  17. hotdogfrenchfries
    (peed directly in an empty bottle of water cause the bathroom was occupied and i was curious)
  18. bobes
    i'm confused by the toilet as sep funnel pont -im no plumber but are you suggesting that you just disconnect the toilet from the sewage outlet and clamp the toilet's flexible tubing with a spigot. oh, i think im answering my own question..you dont need a clear toilet ..just clear tubing before the spigot..well im sure its been done. interesting point.
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