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  1. turmoiled
    I remember being a door host,nice name for a bouncer. their was a very bubbly,well intoxicated older lady! i had to inform her she had to much to drink and that i would call her a cab.well she didnt like that and said, if you want me to leave.. you will have to carry me to the cab. so i picked her up in a cradle position and she was laughing and giggling... and then she really started to laugh as she started to piss all over me as we were going up the stairs. I grinned and bared the moment ...put her in the cab and blew her a kiss with my middle finger!!!


  1. fnord
    i would of returned the favor.
  2. chemlove
    I believe returning the favor would have been hilarious!

    I think me personally i would have puked on her and blamed it on being grossed out from her actions!!!

    better to get revenge and get away w/ it then get revenge and spend the night in jail for pulling out the old wanker.
  3. Alicia
    yuck some people can be so gross oh well. i kinda like the blowing the kiss with the middle finger , in her drunken state of mind it would of had a humorous view to it.
  4. savingJenniB
    Hey I heard that people get high on urine - she was just giving you a tip!
  5. antigenesis
    Mmmm, Jenkem! ^
  6. mickenator
    My first true love did that first time we got drunk together, she pissed herself luckilly not on me though. :laugh:
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