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US approves 'Palcohol' - powdered alcohol is on the way

  1. Rob Cypher
    American drinkers could find themselves sprinkling their favourite beverage rather than pouring it, as powdered alcohol brand 'Palcohol' is now fully approved by the US government.

    The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau this week signed off on seven versions of Palcohol, including Margarita and Cosmopolitan flavours, which will be made available in autumn of this year.

    The company's website, which has been changed since approval from the TTB, pitched the product as a solution to the ever-escalating cost of liquid alcohol.

    "What's worse than going to a concert, sporting event, etc. and having to pay $10, $15, $20 for a mixed drink with tax and tip. Are you kidding me?! Take Palcohol into the venue and enjoy a mixed drink for a fraction of the cost," the product's promotional material read.

    The site also suggested that users add Palcohol to their food: "Sprinkle Palcohol on almost any dish and give it an extra kick. Some of our favourites are the Kamikaze in guacamole, Rum on a BBQ sandwich, Cosmo on a salad and Vodka on eggs in the morning to start your day off right. Experiment.

    "Remember, you have to add Palcohol AFTER a dish is cooked as the alcohol will burn off if you cook with it... and that defeats the whole purpose."

    Perhaps recognising that such a marketing strategy risked causing controversy, and even possible legal issues, Palcohol has removed the copy and issued a clarification: "We were caught off guard with the release of some of our labels by the TTB. As a result, people visited this website that we thought was under the radar because we had not made a formal announcement of Palcohol.

    "Clearly, this site isn't finished. Thus, the verbiage that was copied was still in draft mode and the labels that were up were incorrect. So please disregard what is being printed as a result of information taken from this site. What we can say now is that we hope the product will be used in a responsible and legal manner. Being in compliance with all Federal and State laws is very important to us. Palcohol will only be sold through establishments that are licensed to sell liquor."

    Patent lawyer Daniel Christopherson, writing for the Bevlog beverage blog, has speculated that the company will not be given exclusive rights of the production of powdered alcohol: "My expectation is that the patentability of Palcohol is very narrow and a patent will not be effective at keeping competitors at bay."

    He points out that powdered alcohol is not a new concept, with similar products already sold in countries like Japan and Germany. Alcohol as a powder has even been sold in the US and has been the subject of several US patents.

    Zachary Davies Boren
    The Telegraph



  1. Aussie_23
    That's pretty cool. I wonder if that means you can get drunk just from snorting a few lines of this stuff rather than having to drink it. Now that'd be cool.
  2. mersann
    If it's true that this was on the company's official website, then that's a bit worrying. "in the morning to start your day off right" sounds as though those people just wanted to breed alcoholics. The same goes of course for the statement that you should add it to your dishes with the explicit reminder to use it AFTER you have cooked them.

    I'm fully aware of the fact that most people who drink an alcoholic drink do want the effects of the alcohol, but there is in many cases still an element of liking the drink. Of course, there's nothing wrong with taking a drug just for the drug's sake (that's the way you take most recreational drugs after all) -- but this kind of advertisement is terrible. I'm surprised that such a company got a license to do anything.
  3. OTCJ
    I think most people grow fond of the effects first, then they learn to not despise the taste after years and years of repeated use. I think this is a little less so with beer and wine, but everyone i've ever known could taste nothing but alcohol in even light beer at first. I only started really noticing the nuance of flavor in beer and wine after I'd drank hard alcohol for like 4 years straight...and when I started drinking micro-brews and decent red wines.

    Enter Palcohol.

    Now we can stop beating around the bush about why people consume alcoholic beverages by putting palcohol into gel-caps and just plunking that shit down with a soda or something.

    No one drinks bud light because it is "refreshing", they drink it because ittle get ya drunk!

    I know once you grow accustomed to a particular form of alcoholic beverage, your brain associates that burn and that chemical flavor with the buzz you are about to receive, and it can be described as enjoyable. If a product came out that tasted exactly like pepsi but would get you drunk, I don't think anyone would drink anything else.

    Laughed my ass off thinking about people snorting their palcohol off the top of the toilet seat in dance club bathrooms.
  4. D0pe
    The Company itself said snorting would be useless. According to a news story i was watching earlier today they will be adding agents and compounds to increase the mass of the product.. So essentially you would have to snort 1/2 cup of powder to enjoy the effects of one drink. Source: National News Everywhere

    I guess i did not know alcohol could be made into a powder. Would i be correct in assuming that the powder would have some kind of holding agent.

    Alcohol powder is molecularly encapsulated alcohol. The powder produces an alcoholic beverage when mixed with water. According to food chemist Udo Pollmer of the European Institute of Food and Nutrition Sciences in Munich, alcohol can be absorbed in cyclodextrins, a sugar derivate. In this way, encapsuled in small capsules, the fluid can be handled as a powder. The cyclodextrins can absorb an estimated 60 percent of their own weight in alcohol. A US patent was registered for the process as early as 1974.

    Never thought it was possible myself. But i knew that the stuff existed and was a novelty item and i never thought it would go that far.

    They say that it will still have the hard taste kick of having a shot that takes your breath away. Since this stuff has been around for awhile it has been reported that people put it into capsules and then ingest. Getting the effects without the taste. Almost just like a pill, Well maybe right ?

    I am sceptical on this one, And as soon as it comes out.. I will be purchasing some..

    They already have inhaled alcohol nebulizers..
    You can already drink it and mix it.
    No they have made it into a solid powder.

    LIquid, Gas, And now a Solid alcohol state... Whats next ? Genetically engineered cows from russia that produce vodka from their utters.

    I will be looking for this one and if its just the same as regular alcohol.. There will be many problems.

    People sneaking it around, The idea of a open container with the stuff might be a obsticale at first.. What do you have in that bag sir ? Is it Drugs or is it powdered alcohol or could it be flower ?

    Of course someone will always wreck it any make it a big deal.. Im guessing someone will make it a big enough deal that the FDA will put a BAN on the stuff. Who knows ?

    The only benefit i can see is that it would be a novelty. Maybe bring it into the movie theatre and mix it with my soda. Then again i can do that now anyways ?

    I bet its a novelty and just has some large media attention at the moment. I think It will fade away just as quick as other quick fads.

    My opinion then again i am not much of a drinker. I might be interested in having a Wine powder mix.. That stuff would be great on a summer day , Just add to some water and enjoy!! Maybe they will sell it by the pound ..

    Its a shame though that they say they have to add extra stuff to it to prevent morons from snorting it. Try snorting real alcohol first and then come back to me and tell me how it feels.
    And of course the kids will wreck it and bring it into schools and stuff.

    Sorry for ranting i was just trying to discuss the pro's and cons and give some info on the stuff. Might try to get a sample if i can get my hands on it...

    Added a few minutes later.

    I bet they will color the stuff and make it scented to make it easy to identify.. I am tryin got think like the FDA here and they will surely not want it plain white and not in packages that look like candy or pops rocks.
  5. Trying Again
    Wow. You'll soon have people snorting it and shooting it up, no matter what they say, there will be people who just have to try. I would probably have been one of them lol...
  6. Aussie_23
    There'd probably be a way to extract it hopefully. Snorting a few lines to get drunk would sure be less effort than drinking. It'll always be the dream.
  7. ianzombie
    I have heard that it can lead to Pliver damage.
  8. imyourlittlebare
    I need to look into this more/read up on it. If I understand from skimming correctly, there is an approved powder form of alcohol that will intoxicate someone?

    My mind jumps to date rape if that is the case. Is there some sort of protectove measure against this from happening? While I believe the "epidemic" of date rapes the news reported on associated with gbl, ghb, etc was overdramatized, I do think there os already a problem with alcohol and date rape in general. So this concerns me (again if I understood correctly)
  9. D0pe
    There is still going to be a alcohol taste and when you snort it it will burn like trying to snort a line of vodka or everclear ""Or in between there" Then they will add salts, sugars, flavorings, bulking agents, and to get the effects of a drink one would have to snort a large amount of powder. Injecting would be less popular than lets say injecting alcohol itself ""Which is not unheard of but people do not do it like a plague"

    As far as Date rape ? I can see a few isolated cases but essentially the person ingesting it would taste the alcohol. Making it no more dangerous or risky than people who can buy a bottle of liquor and pour it into someone drink.

    I think some people have the idea that this powder is bland, tasteless and that a pea size amount with be like drinking 2 shots.. If you think that then you should just not even worry about the new product hitting the market. Sure people will try and snort a large amount of powder.. Just like they will try to snort salt, nutmeg, pixie sticks, and even Tylenol with codeine... Just stupid'

    The FDA is making a big deal out of this.. And the company has spoken about these issues...

    Here is what the Company is saying about the product word for word :
    1. Please don’t pretend it’s cocaine. The company is serious about this. “We’ve added volume to the powder so it would take more than a half of a cup of powder to get the equivalent of one drink up your nose,” the site now warns. “You would feel a lot of pain for very little gain.”
  10. Basoodler

    I wonder if they will start plalcoholics panonymous of its own or integrate the two? (Pintigrate)
  11. imyourlittlebare
    Even if it has an alcohol taste or protective features, alcohol is still the most widely used date rape drug. I imagine with legality, it will actually be a problem and contribute to date rapes.

    Add it to an alcoholic beverage. Teen or girl is unaware because it already tastes like alcphol. Hypothetical date knows that two is their limit. Adding to their drinks add to tge risk of becoming too intoxicated without consent.

    Luckily it looks like the decision was reversed to approve. Most times I am against regulation or think people overdramatize risk of drugs. But I sincerelt believe that this will cause a problem for others. Whereas the daterape stories of gbl ghb were dramatized, alcohol is already a huge problem and I can see a lot of trouble with sometjong like this.
  12. Rob Cypher
    A controversial powdered alcohol product called Palcohol, intended to be mixed into drinks, has gained approval from a federal agency.

    Palcohol first made news last spring when it briefly received the greenlight from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, before the bureau backtracked and said the label approvals had been given in error.

    On Wednesday, bureau spokesman Tom Hogue told The Associated Press the issues were resolved and that four varieties of Palcohol were approved. But Hogue noted that states can also regulate alcohol sales in their borders.

    The latest approval is a step forward for a small company whose product plans have already sparked controversy.

    Several states have already moved to ban powdered alcohol, including lawmakers in Colorado who last month advanced legislation to temporarily halt its sale. Concerns have included abuse by minors and whether Palcohol's light weight would make it easy to sneak alcohol into public events.

    Palcohol is simply freeze-dried alcohol packaged in a small, portable pouch. The powder comes in different flavors and can be mixed with water for the equivalent of an alcoholic drink.

    Dr. Kennon Heard, an ER doctor and medical toxicologist at the University of Colorado, told CBS News last year that he had a number of concerns about the product. "Given the flavors it comes in, there's the potential for it to be very appealing to small children," he said.

    He also pointed out that because Palcohol is an entirely new form of alcohol, there's a risk for inadvertent misuse by people unfamiliar with its potency.

    "Nothing even close to this has been on the market in the recent past in the U.S., or ever," attorney Robert Lehrman told "CBS This Morning" when the product first won, then lost, its approval last year.

    "Underage drinking is a big concern when it comes to powderized alcohol," said Lehrman. "I do think parents and teachers -- this probably will get their attention in a big way."

    A statement on the Palcohol website says the company hopes to have the product for sale this summer. Palcohol founder Mark Phillips noted the approval of his product in an email early Wednesday morning, but wasn't immediately available for further comment.

    Hogue said the bureau's evaluation is centered on whether labels accurately reflect what's in the product.

    "Potential for abuse isn't grounds for us to deny a label," he said.

    Previously, Phillips had said he came up with the idea for Palcohol because he wanted a way to enjoy alcoholic drinks after hiking or other activities without having to lug around heavy bottles.

    Associated Press
    March 11, 2015

  13. aashadow15
    That doesn't make much sense considering the fact that you have to mix it with water. You would have to carry a bottle of water and it would be just as heavy as a bottle of liquor or your drink of choice. Unless you plan on mixing it with creek water or *shudders* choking down a half cup of alcohol tasting powder. I guess you COULD capsule it up if you really wanted to, but personally I would prefer drinking the drink to going through the effort of capsuling up an entire half cup of powder by hand. Then again, there are capsule machines, but 0.5 cups = 118ml, 1ml of water = 1g, assuming the powder is almost half the mass of water for ease of math (a pretty optimistic assumption), the biggest capsules I have hold 700mg, so that would be 100 capsules. WHO THE FUCK WOULD RATHER TAKE 100+ CAPSULES THAN DRINK A DRINK?!?! As an experienced robo-tripper, I know it's nasty choking down 30 robo-gels which are half the size of 700mg capsules. It's just not feasible consume half a cup of powder worth of capsules. And as for injecting palcohol.... That is the dumbest thing I have heard all day. Nobody in their right mind would dissolve half a cup of powder in water and inject it when they could just inject an equivalent amount of vodka or everclear. Not to mention that the powder probably shares most of the same ingredients as kool-aid mix. Someone above mentioned extracting the alcohol from the powder and snorting it, buy everclear, that way it's already extracted for you. I snorted a teaspoon of whisky once, I got a 60 second buzz and 5 minutes of pain in my sinuses. Sorry for the rant, but palcohol is simply too difficult to misuse when it takes a half cup of powder to make one drink.
  14. Potter
    I think they mean "without lugging EXTRA heavy water".

    Trail water filters are cheap and common, camp grounds often have spigots of potable water, or bathrooms.
  15. D0pe
    Personally i have been waiting for this to hit the market... Something like this would make almost everyone that approves it skeptical of the dangers associated with the substance.

    Please reword your posts as i think the information you are providing is rather risky..
    Injecting this much Alcohol would be very dangerous and you should elaborate on what you meant so people do not take it seriously..

    Please do not condone the Insufflation of Alcohol because other users might take it seriously and it is dangerous.. Maybe you should reword some of your post ?
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