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  1. BackToBasics
    Source: Press Telegram
    Date: August 3 2007
    Author: Andrew Glazer

    Reverend of Temple 420 is convicted of sale and possession.

    LOS ANGELES - A minister accused of distributing marijuana through his church was convicted of a drug charge Thursday.

    The Rev. Craig X Rubin, 41, faces up to four years, eight months in prison for possessing marijuana for sale, said Jane Robison, a district attorney's spokeswoman.

    Rubin and some 400 members of Temple 420 say that marijuana is a religious sacrament. They burn and smoke pot during services.

    The reverend, who has appeared in episodes of the Showtime comedy "Weeds," said he won't appeal his conviction.

    "If my society believes I'm a danger and a threat, it's better off without me," he said in a telephone interview. "Hopefully people will be nice to me inside. I barely ever had a ticket before."

    Rubin, who represented himself, is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 17.

    He said he feels less worried about himself than his seven children.

    "I go hiking with them every weekend. I read the Bible to them every night," he said.

    Rubin was ordained in 1990 by the Universal Life Church, which will ordain anyone for a fee. The Beverly Hills-born minister was arrested last fall and freed after posting $20,000 bail.



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