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US helps Russia bust a cocaine gang

  1. Balzafire
    Colleagues in the United States have helped Russian counter-narcotics officers bust a transnational cocaine gang. The operation resulted in a ten-kilo haul and several arrests in St Petersburg last Thursday.We have the details from head of the Russian counter-narcotics agency Viktor Ivanov:

    "Half a year ago, American counter-drug agents notified counterparts in Russia of attempts by a thirty-year-old Russian show manager to establish a regular cocaine supply line from the US to upmarket nightclub circuits in St Pete and Moscow. Regular consignments of a hundred kilos were on his plans, each with a retail value of at least 10 million dollars."

    The payment was through an offshore bank, and the delivery, to a St Petersburg hotel.

    "After making sure that the consignment had arrived, the kingpin left further logistics to two of his henchmen and left for the Moscow Rail Terminal. Officers nabbed both traffickers in the street, in an operation which involved a breakneck car chase. Their boss was handcuffed in his rail compartment. The wife of one of the men subsequently landed in pretrial cells for trying to bribe investigators."

    The latest Russian-American drug bust-up is the second of its kind so far this year. In the first one, in February, officers uncovered a scheme to buy cocaine for the Russian market in the Dominican Republic in exchange for Russian orphans. Coordinated crackdowns became possible in 2009, when Russia and the US created a joint working group against illegal drug trade.

    Lada Korotun
    Jul 26, 2010


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