US: Judge strikes down FDA ban on ephedra

By radiometer · Apr 14, 2005 · ·
  1. radiometer
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    Judge strikes down FDA ban on ephedra

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A federal judge Thursday struck down the FDA ban
    on ephedra, the once-popular weight-loss aid that was yanked from the
    market after it was linked to dozens of deaths.

    The judge ruled in favor of a Utah company that challenged the Food and
    Drug Administration's ban. Utah-based Nutraceutical claimed in its
    lawsuit that ephedra "has been safely consumed" for hundreds of years.

    Supplements that included ephedra have been widely used for weight loss
    and bodybuilding, but have linked to 155 deaths, including that of
    Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Steve Bechler. The FDA ordered the
    substance off the market in April 2004.

    Judge Tena Campbell's ruling sends the matter back to the FDA "for
    further rulemaking consistent with the court's opinion" and keeps the
    agency from enforcement action against the companies.

    FDA officials did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

    Company president Bruce Hough said the decision is about "protecting
    the public's access to safe and effective dietary supplements."

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  1. whatsinaname
    A federal judge Thursday struck down the FDA ban

    on ephedra, the once-popular weight-loss aid that was yanked from the

    market after it was linked to dozens of deaths.

    Deaths caused by people making meth????

    People making meth only because it is illegal, and not readibly available?

    Kind of sounds like the hundreds of innocent people mowed down by Al
    Capone and the likes in the 1930's...while the substance and weapons
    may have changed, it is the exact same situation.
  2. sands of time
    What??? Ephedra has been linked to many deaths because of it's effects on the heart. Many people were taking ephedra and working out, which led to heart failure, ect.
  3. unico_walker
    Can't wait for them to ban caffeine, so I can pay 100 dollars a can for some coffee smuggled up someones rectum.

    Ephedra is a stimulant! If you're too stupid to realize it might do you
    harm if you have a weak heart and or haven't walked 500 feet in 20
    years and then try to run a marathon on it Darwin is just doing his job!

    Since when did we decide to stop evolution?
  4. theo
    Cool! Now when can we get some
  5. Alfa
    Can anybody find more on the argumentation of the Utah company? I'd like to send this to the Dutch smartshops. Maybe they can do something with it against the Dutch ephedra ban.
  6. sands of time
    The Dutch government banned ephedra??? I can understand the U.S. banning it... because it's the U.S. and all, but The Netherlands is like the capital of drugs! Or soft drugs anyways.
  7. Alfa
    Yep, they did so right after the US did. Things are changing here fast since we've got a christian right wing government. They have tried to bring the coffeeshops down, crack down on headshops, smartshops, growshops and even try to do something about cannabis magazines. The ephedra ban is just one of many measures against the Dutch Smartshops. Kava, anything sold for smoking, dried mushrooms and many other things are banned. The Dutch government is now even paying for anticannabis propaganda and anti cannabis research in order to change the current status of cannabis in the Netherlands.
  8. radiometer
    The judge made her ruling after determining the FDA never proved low
    doses of ephedra were dangerous.  Since ephedra is considered a food
    supplement and not a drug, the burden of proving safety is on the FDA.Edited by: radiometer
  9. Alfa
    This ruling does notlift the ban onephedra suplements in general legal, but it does make ephedra supplements with 10 mg alkaloids or less, legal again.
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