US official warns schoolers on dangers of illegal drugs

By 0utrider · Jan 20, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider
    US official warns schoolers on dangers of illegal drugs

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  1. enquirewithin
    "It will just destroy your*selves. Don’t dare to try it. Keep away from it..." Is he trying to encourage kids? :(
  2. I<3Salvia
    This always irritates swim. Telling people, "it's bad don't do it" will not keep people from doing these things. The best thing you can do is just give people the real facts from both sides about drugs. Let people have the power to make the choice and they'll usually make the right one, whether it's to use or not.
  3. Feelingood
    Holy shit, 16 weeks of listening to anti drug propaganda? My brain would melt
  4. Felonious Skunk
    Now now fellas. It's been working spectacularly for the last 40 years, no reason to give up now.
  5. chemlove
    SWIM was a D.A.R.E grad and he must say it obviously worked really well. honestly though I have no problem with something or someone telling usually 5th graders (SWIM was a fifth graded when he graduated D.A.R.E.) not to use drugs. It's the opinion of SWIM that no fifth grader is ready for drugs no matter what age some people start using different drugs at. during that age your body is still doing a lot of growing and development is taking place. On a side note his wording really really odd in the article and i believe if your going to send someone out to talk to kids about something you believe is important you better make sure the people you send out at least meet 2 qualifications 1) they can't be a total dummy they have to be somewhat intelligent and at least able to gain the respect of the children (and hopefully not bore the kids to death). 2) They absolutely can't get busted for drugs or drug corruption later on as that will surely send the wrong message to our youth.

    Bottom line is though every adult on this planet should have the right to put what he or she wants to in his or her body. And parents need to do a better job of managing their children and not expect the school systems to do all the work for them. They need to get to their kids and help tell them the honest truth about the dangers of addiction especially at an early age.
  6. psyche
    How blind can the government be. It doesn't care if this kind of lying works, all it cares is not to send wrong signals. They treat people like they were robots; because that's what government would optimally want people to be. Then they could be easily handled. But guess what; especially childeren don't always work that way. I can imagine that even if childeren believed this, then this would raise the interest of drugs for the childeren that least should use then; the one's that take it mostly because they are illegal and told to be dangerous. The ones who want to test their limits. Then they find out that it wasn't that bad, it was actually very nice and they weren't even near dying. More, more, more! This is the apple from the tree that god told us not to eat. As satan said, it didn't kill me but made me feel better. Fuck god!
  7. Bajeda
    Haha, that reminds a certain eel of the time a fairly famous rapper/actor came to his school to tell kids not to do drugs. Within a week of leaving he was arrested for marijuana possession. Whoops!

    Honestly though, while I agree that children in the 5th grade should not be using drugs, there has to be a better way to get the message across. A more comprehensive education (via health class or something, maybe it could be integrated with the health or biology curriculum!) in middle school when more people tend to start using drugs would be something that could be looked into.
  8. 0utrider
    AW: US official warns schoolers on dangers of illegal drugs

    especially since those kids, as soon as they find out the "truth", totally loose any belief in that program/the stuff they were told, so they might as well turn in the exact opposite direction instead of finding a healthy middle
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