US Supreme Court Allows Religious Hallucinogenic Tea

By Motorhead · Feb 22, 2006 · ·
  1. Motorhead
    US Supreme Court Allows Religious Hallucinogenic Tea
    by Bloomberg News (21 Feb, 2006) U.S. Supreme Court Says Church Can Use Hallucinogen in Ritual
    [​IMG][SIZE=-2]Ayahoasca being prepared[/SIZE]The U.S. Supreme Court, saying law enforcement goals in some cases must yield to religious rights, ruled that the Bush administration can't block a New Mexico church from using a hallucinogenic tea.

    In a unanimous opinion written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., the court today said the church, a 130-member branch of a Brazilian denomination, is protected by the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The justices upheld a preliminary injunction barring federal prosecution of church leaders.

    The case put the Bush administration in the unusual position of opposing religious groups, including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Association of Evangelicals, both of which backed the New Mexico church. The government contended the tea, known as hoasca, is dangerous and illegal.

    The church, O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao Do Vegetal, argued that its members believe the ritualistic use of hoasca brings them closer to God. The church's U.S. branch is led by Jeffrey Bronfman, a second cousin of Warner Music Group Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr.

    The case is Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao Do Vegetal, 04-1084.

    From Bloomberg News

    Supreme Court sides with church in tea dispute

    The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that a small congregation in New Mexico may use hallucinogenic tea as part of a four-hour ritual intended to connect with God.

    Justices, in their first religious freedom decision under Chief Justice John Roberts, moved decisively to keep the government out of a church's religious practice. Federal drug agents should have been barred from confiscating the hoasca tea of the Brazil-based church, Roberts wrote in the decision.

    The tea, which contains an illegal drug known as DMT, is considered sacred to members of O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal, which has a blend of Christian beliefs and South American traditions. Members believe they can understand God only by drinking the tea, which is consumed twice a month at four-hour ceremonies.

    New Justice Samuel Alito did not take part in the case, which was argued last fall before Justice Sandra Day O'Connor before her retirement. Alito was on the bench for the first time on Tuesday.

    Roberts said that the Bush administration had not met its burden under a federal religious freedom law to show that it could ban "the sect's sincere religious practice."

    The chief justice had also been skeptical of the government's position in the case last fall, suggesting that the administration was demanding too much, a "zero tolerance approach."

    The Bush administration had argued that the drug in the tea not only violates a federal narcotics law, but a treaty in which the United States promised to block the importation of drugs including dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT.

    "The government did not even submit evidence addressing the international consequences of granting an exemption for the (church)," Roberts wrote.

    The justices sent the case back to a federal appeals court, which could consider more evidence.

    Roberts, writing his second opinion since joining the court, said that religious freedom cases can be difficult "but Congress has determined that courts should strike sensible balances."

    The case is Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao Do Vegetal, 04-1084.

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  1. sg43
    Hell yes! What a great but extremely surprising thing to hear about the supreme court, hopefully someone can start a church like this that uses research chemicals to push back the scheduling dates that will come one day...
  2. Alfa
    This is truely great news. I hope they keep winning in federal court as well.

    Starting a church would need "sincere religious practice". Simple membership would not be sufficient. Religion would be practiced in every rite(where the intake of the drug would take place). The Church of the inner light gives their members DPT. I'm no fan of people yelling about Jesus for example while tripping, but if you are, you'd be most welcome at the The Temple of the True Inner Light
  3. Urban

    ah sometimes i love the church....
  4. kemistudent
    Holy shit!!! I wasn't dreaming!!! I fell asleep with the news on two nights ago and woke up in the AM with a sense that something cool happened.. after reading this I recall hearing this while I was sleeping! Very cool stuff!!

    DMT for everyone!!!! [small print]but ya gotta take the full 50mg!!;) [/small print]
  5. Space_Vaccine
    Since you mention it, I recently founded The Church of the Universal Intelligence, and in several of our Rituals, which can be celebrated alone or in a group, the practitioner Consecrates and Consumes various Chemical Sacraments, all of which are unscheduled in the U.S.

    The 'Mass of Divine Gnosis' ritual, which is modelled on the Roman Catholic Mass and the Gnostic Mass, utilizes a Chalice filled with either DXM polystrilex or DXM Hbr dissolved in Alcohol, and large wafers soaked in a concentrated DXM solution. Our Kundalini ritual uses smoked DPT, and another one uses a mix of 4-HO-DET and 4-aco-MET.

    I'm currently working on a Textbook for the Church that explains the Theology, Philosophy, Rituals, Sacraments, Creed, Communal Church Ceremonies, practical methods of Spiritual and Psychic evolution, and how to permanently heal oneSelf and others of Psychological and Spiritual illness.

    The goal of the Church is to assist all Souls in their personal evolution into Saintly beings who are free from the shackles of Maya and advanced enough to permanently dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven within. This is achieved by exorcising one's inner demons, living in non-violent COEXISTENCE with all 8 Dynamics, achieving contact with one's Holy Guardian Angel, total Realization and Understanding of Achintya Bhedabheda-Tattva (which is the Secret of Existence), and full Self-Realization, which entails remembering AND assimilating the memories of one's entire existence, from the beginning of Time until the present moment, hereby regaining ALL of one's long-forgotten psychic and magickal abilities.
  6. Alfa
    it would be nice to get a more detailed explanation of the doctrines or teachings. I didn't quite grasp the above while a am familiar with esoteric philosophies and writings.
  7. Potter
    That sounds absolutely vile. What sort of punishing god are you worshiping? It's not like we don't have gel caps and what not.
  8. hookedonhelping
    So can I just make up my own church.. The Church of Helpers of the Devine Medicinal Tokers and create my own rituals that I can later claim to be covered under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act once arrested?

    If so, then yes, anyone willing to join The Church of Helpers of the Devine Medicinal Tokers can just join up by saying OMG OMG OMG three times while staring into your bathroom mirror in the dark. Oh yea, splash a little water on your face from the faucet. Temperature is not a factor. And one last thing.. Sit on the toilet and ponder your future till you are able to have a bowel movement weighing a minimum of 8 ounces or more.

    Congrats! Now consume all the DMT you like, any way you like, and pray to the light and be grateful for its existence. Amen.
  9. Alfa
    It doesn't work this way. A group of people does not become a church overnight. There are more than a few conditions for a group to be considered a religious group or church. An established background, doctrine, rites, physical church or temple need to exist. A religious context needs to be proven.
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