Us train thai troops to kill drugsuspects

By Alfa · Aug 1, 2004 ·
  1. Alfa

    A Thai-American joint military exercise codenamed 'Baker Torch 04-3 B'
    kicked off on July 26 at 3rd Development Battalion to improve the ability of
    Thai troops in drug suppression.

    Lt. Gen Phicharnmeth Muangmanee, commander of the 3rd Army Region and the US
    Consul Henry Jardine in Chiang Mai presided over the launch of the exercise.

    The Royal Thai Army assigned the 3rd Army Region to the joint military
    exercise. It is taking place in the grounds of 3rd Development Battalion,
    5th Special Force Regiment, and some areas in Chiang Mai's Mae Rim and Mae
    Taeng districts. It will end on August 27.

    A total of 75 Thai soldiers are taking part with 28 from the 4th Infantry
    Division, 28 from the 1st Cavalry Division, four from the Commanding Unit of
    Special Warfare and 15 from of 3rd Region Border Patrol Police Headquarters.
    There are 15 trainers from the United States.

    The exercise aims not only to develop the capability of both Thai and
    American troops and patrol police involved in drug suppression, but also to
    advance Thai and American cooperation on drug eradication.

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