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By Dawn Godess · Apr 27, 2014 ·
  1. Dawn Godess
    I have a bottle of DMSO which i totally forgotten i had in the back of my cupboard. I bought it last year to try it out on Chronic pain but at the time there was so much going on i completely forgotten about it. The one time i did use it was on my brothers arthritic hand, he'd had you give up his job as a long distance haulage driver and was in a lot of pain with it at the time.

    So i put some DMSO on his hand and made up another bottle for him to take home, over the day's of use he kept improving. And this was a guy unable to work for 5 year's because of his hand? He's now been back at work for 19 moths now, doing the same job and has had no problems with it since. It took about 2-3week's of applying it everyday, but he's fine now.

    So i decided today to use it on paniful places on my body where i can reach and see what i'm doing as you have to be really careful using it as it crosses the blood brain barrier and you dont want to be touching anything synthetic or dyed etc,before the DMSO dry's properly as it'll drag it in to your brain as well.

    so it's best read full instructions before using anything. So i'm hoping it's going to help me with a few really painful problems i got going on. I'll let you know as some things need repeated application before it works and other stuff, it works first time around.


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