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Utah elementary school teacher busted after police found heroin dust on desk & car

  1. Rob Cypher
    An elementary school teacher is facing jail after heroin was found in her classroom and in her car.

    Claudia Reaney is alleged to have brought drug paraphernalia into her third grade classroom and is suspected to have been taking drugs while teaching. The 49-year-old was arrested after a drug-sniffing dog was brought into her classroom at Buffalo Point Elementary school in Ogden, Utah.

    Police waited until students had left the school before carrying out the search. A K-9 was also used to search Reaney's car in the school car park where heroin residue was found. 'Basically what we found is paraphernalia sort of stuff that also had enough heroin residue to be testable,' Chief Garret Atkin of the Syracuse Police Department told Fox14. 'There were some pieces of balloons, some tin foils, straws.' Police said all the drug paraphernalia was in reach of children. 'It was in several places in the classroom desk area, her personal belongings, trash can, those kinds of things,' said Atkins.

    Reaney has worked with the Davis County School District since 2007. A district spokesperson couldn’t comment on whether or not they suspected any drug abuse, but said they were concerned about the fact that the alleged drug abuse appears to have happened at school. 'There’s a level of trust that parents have for the teachers, a level of trust we as employers have for our employees,' Chris Williams, a Davis County School District spokesperson, told Fox14.

    Reaney was booked into the Davis County Jail on one count of second-degree felony possession of a controlled substance. She has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues.

    Parents picking their kids up from school at Buffalo Point Elementary were stunned to hear a teacher brought heroin into school.

    'That's pretty scary,' said Lisa Myers, a parent. 'You just never know where it is.'

    'It's very alarming, especially as a parent,' said Melinda Allred.

    'It was shocking to us and we're doing everything we can to clean out that classroom just in case there was any sort of residue left over,' said Chris Williams of Davis County Schools. 'The kids have been moved out of that classroom for the day.'

    Fellow teachers spent the day clearing out Reaney's belongings.

    Reaney has been booked in the Davis County Jail on felony possession of a controlled substance.

    The charge is more serious because of the location where it allegedly happened is a drug free zone.



  1. Moving Pictures
    Re: Utah elementary school teacher busted after police found heroin dust on desk & ca

    When I was in 8th grade, my 3rd grade teacher got arrested at school for cocaine. Everyone knew something was wrong with her and my parents knew it was cocaine and cus I was already doing drugs by that time, I understood what they were talking about and noticed her behavior.

    I remember one time someone knocked over her purse at recess and spilled her purfume over everything and she flipped out. Came into our class room yelling about it and freaking out. Our teacher actually told her to leave. You could tell something was wrong with her cus she lost a ton of weight and looked like shit. She was really sweet when I was little and in her class though so it was a big change and a bit shocking.

    Apparantly the staff called the police on her and they found her coke and took her out in handcuffs. I didn't see it happen but heard about it.

    Looking back on it, it was sad because she was such a nice lady but her son died and she got divorced and went to hell.

    But no matter what the situation is, a teacher should never ever bring drugs into school. That's totally innapropriate and dangerous. If they have to get a fix, they should leave it out in their car and use there.
  2. snarkymalarky
    Re: Utah elementary school teacher busted after police found heroin dust on desk & ca

    I had math teacher in high school who got sent to rehab for a year after another teacher walked in on him pouring bourbon into his coffee. He was the man though -- he was just hilarious. One day, we were talking about how infrequently we washed our sheets and he told us that he wrapped himself in saran wrap every night so that he never had to wash his sheets. Awesome.
  3. Emin
    Re: Utah elementary school teacher busted after police found heroin dust on desk & ca

    There are a lot more of these stories coming out about teachers using drugs. When I was only 16, one day at school I didn't have a ride home and my teacher offered me a ride. As soon as we got in the car she asked if I smoked pot (I was the only obvious stoner of my grade). Of course I obliged and we ended up going to her condo and smoking out of a vaporizer. I see no harm done, we all do drugs and it gave me a better connection to the teacher. Then again it was just some pot, not heroin at an elementary school like this story.
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