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Utah Sen. Hatch sponsors Sponsors bill to outlaw all spice chemicals

  1. theonememyselfandeye
    U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch is co-sponsoring a bill to outlaw nationwide the chemicals used in synthetic marijuana.

    The legislation, termed the Dangerous Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2011, would make permanent the ban on substances like spice and K2 that the federal Drug Enforcement Administration enacted last fall. If passed, the bill would effectively deem the chemicals contained in the synthetic drugs as controlled substances.

    “With impressionable youth and young adults in Utah and other states abusing synthetic marijuana in ever-increasing numbers, it is important to head off this growing epidemic with legislation that permanently bans the chemicals in these synthetic drugs that are wreaking such havoc in so many lives across the country,” Hatch, R-Utah, said in a statement. “These drugs are a menace to public health and safety and need to be treated as such.”

    According to Hatch’s office, spice, K2 and other forms of synthetic marijuana have been linked to 24 deaths across the United States.
    “Moreover, poison control centers and emergency rooms throughout the U.S. have been flooded with users of the synthetic drugs suffering from increased agitation, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, and seizures,” reads a press release from Hatch’s office. “Others have become violent under the influence of the drug, injuring themselves and others.”

    At Hatch’s request, the DEA put in place a one-year ban of the substances last November in order to study the merits of outlawing them permanently.

    The Utah Legislature adopted legislation this past session that makes the possession and sale of spice, K2 and bath salts illegal.

    The Bear River Board of Health has already criminalized spice across the entire health district, which is composed of Cache, Box Elder and Rich counties. In addition, several municipalities have banned it, along with Cache County for all unincorporated areas.

    County Attorney James Swink praised the federal legislation, noting that many European countries have already banned the substances.

    “The U.S. is just behind taking action on that. For whatever reason, our legislative process is a lot slower,” Swink said. “We’ve reacted a lot more quickly locally because it is a problem, and it’s something that we’ve had issues (with) that we’ve had to address. So I’m glad the federal government’s finally taking action.”

    Sunday, March 20, 2011 1:00 am
    By Charles Geraci



  1. theonememyselfandeye
    Once again you have the beating of the standard war drums. Save the children this and the disintegration of society as we know it that. I am sorry but 25 people is such a small amount it is not even funny. Do not get me wrong, 25 people is too many, one person is too many, but when compared to many other causes of death the number we see here in relation to the number of users of these products is very small. People die all the time and while a very sad event it is going to happen sooner or later. I might be a little cold with this observation but I am being REAL, something politics could benefit from, less grandstanding and moral crusading more being straight and forward with the public. My main issue is that many times these politicians seem to be inept when it comes to putting things into a realistic perspective. People use these items because the traditional substance, marijuana, is banned. Banning the well known, relatively safe to most users, well researched(can always use more!) and time tested plant has led to the seeking out of alternatives. This "monster" was created when the politicians decided to tell the public what they may and may not ingest. Would Orin appreciate me working to pass legislation that required him to drink coffee and tea? How about a law that made public servants work mandatory hours on Sunday? No doubt he would find it offensive and a personal affront to have the government dictating to him a lifestyle, well Orin SO DO I! IMO if it is on earth then you have no right to tell me what to do with it as long as I a do not injure or harm others. Despite a seat belt being a lifesaving device, and avoidance of substance abuse can save some individuals, the government should not tell you you have to wear one, especially when you have the complete lack of seat belts on school buses, public transportaion, and motorcycles, for our comparison consider these to be alcohol and tobacco ie equal if not greater risk but approved for you and me to go nuts with. My parents stopped hiring babysitters when I was about ten years old. Little did I know that my safety and well being were being handed over to my new sitter. My nanny, a position once filled by cousins and siblings of an older age, was now under the jurisdiction of the SUPER NANNY, Her name, State, Nanny State. . There will always exist in society a group that will seek out mind allterating substances, they will do so no matter the consequenses. This group has always been there, still are and always will be. Politicians need to face a reality, this "problem" will NEVER go away. Reduction of the harm these substances can do is the key to helping as manu people as possible. In the end saving lives should be the goal. Prohibition does not work and is harming far more individuals then it has ever protected. Politicians: Mind your own business, fix the real problems that you are your colleagues are responsible for many of which you created, stay out of individuals daily lives, and leave alone a business that generates tax revenue, revenue you people spend like a drunken sailors at port. Citizens: Stop allowing the politicians to dictate your decisions and lifestyle. Be safe and take care of your self. We need to care about each other more and take the responsibility of personal safety into our hands, as opposed to the hands of some politician, who I suspect may not have our best intentions at heart. Take care!
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