Utter Chaos!

By Mick Mouse · May 17, 2013 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, I have been affected by the recent legislation here in Colorado in a negative way. I recently had to move (again!) because my landlord lost his job and had to sell his rental unit, and he sprung this on me with 32 days notice to move! Talk about a surprise! We had actually considered buying that particular house at one point, but it would have taken too much money to bring it up to my standards, so we were holding off for another year, and then this happens.

    So, the wife only had 4 requirements-at least 3 bedrooms, in the same town, with a fenced yard, and a garage. All in 31 days. Keeping it in the same town, or at least the same area, was the killer, and I could only find two places that were big enough. Neither one of them had everything she wanted, but then again, you never get everything you want, right? So I picked out the best one of the two.

    Apparently, I picked wrong. I kept her in the same town and got her a four bedroom place, but no yard and no garage, so you have thought that the sky was falling in! Talk about bitch and moan.....it reminded me of being here in a way! Nothing you do is right or good enough, nobody will take the time to listen to your side of things, etc. Now, I thought that I did pretty good, considering the fact that I was under the gun from the very start.

    I dealt with a scammer, several property management places, and people who really wanted to sell their house rather than rent it out, and this was all on top of dealing with the landlord and his reality agents. This guy gives me 31 days notice to move, and then wants me to work around his reality people on top of it! He wants me to allow them access to show the house.....OK, that is reasonable, given the fact that you are trying to sell it. Then, they want it to be vacated when they bring people in to see the place, which means that I have to gather up the wife, kids, and all the animals and leave while they show the damn place!

    At this point, I am starting to get pissed off, but I am trying to work with this guy because we have always had a good relationship up to this point. But he wants me to move as soon as possible, and then puts all of the restrictions on the process. After we got the issue about not being there straightened out, we had to go around and around over the hours they could show it. These clowns wanted me to make the place available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.....seven days a week!

    By the time,we finally reached an understanding, all bridges had been burned. I had to tell these people that, according to the terms of the lease, I had the place until the end of the month, and I was not required to cooperate at all, but that I would do so-with certain restrictions-in the interests of harmony. All I was hearing was "time is of the essence, time is of the essence", because he was trying to beat some deadline in order to save money on taxes, so I was trying to work with the guy. After all, he lost his job and everything else.

    So, I hustle around and find us another place, get everything all packed up, loaded up, and moved over, and then come back to clean the place up. After all, that is only right, plus, this guy is holding 2300.00 dollars in deposits! So I go in and clean the walls, counters and floors, have the carpets cleaned, patch any nail holes, and paint over the repairs, and I have the place ready to turn over by the 7th of the month, rather than the 31st.

    Now, the guy wants to play games! He tells me that time is of the essence, and yet he is slow-playing me on returning the deposits. Now, I know that by law, he has 30 days to return the deposits, but he has always led me to believe that he wanted to get this relationship terminated as soon as possible, and it was expected that he would return the deposits the same way. When I contacted him, he started to nit-pick on this, like saying that there were some light bulbs that were burned out and a kitchen counter-top was dirty, and then said that we would do a walk-through to check everything out

    That was a week ago, and I have not heard from him at all yet.

    Anyway, I get everything moved, with little or no help from anyone, I might add, into the new place. My god, there is a LOT of shit here! I have boxes and crates and totes stacked up in every damn room, shit sitting outside under tarps, and stuff scattered across the entire house.

    Now to get it all put away, which is the hard part! When you look around your house, everything has a place, and even if it is messy, there is a place for everything. But not when you move! Hell no, you find shit you have not seen in years, shit you have never seen, and shit that you have absolutely NO place for! Like the garage.....when you move from a house with a garage to a house without one, where do you put all of the garage shit? It can't come in the house, its garage stuff. It can't sit outside, because it is.....garage stuff!

    But I persevered, and finally came the day in which I could sit back and see that everything was in its place. Those places suck, by and large, but everything is there. Sweet peace and relaxation.....finally!

    Not so fast. Now I start to find out all of the problems and issues with the place. Fucking place is a dump! Jesus Christ, if I had seen all of this stuff first, I would have moved to a different place and the wife could just get fucking over it1 The bathrooms need major repair, the water heater needs replaced, and a bunch of other shit, and,being a property management place, they want to spend as little as possible! Now I am holding their toes to the fire and making them fix the major livability matters while I tell the wife "it's only for a year, it's only for a year!"

    Utter chaos!

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  1. Mick Mouse
    Just when you think it is over! My son and his family have moved up here to Colorado from Arizona. Him, his woman, their two kids, the two dogs, seven fucking cats, and one of his buddies who was helping them move. Plus all of their shit.

    All in my house! If it was not a madhouse before, it sure as hell is now! They have been here a week and just yesterday got their damn U-haul truck unloaded and out from in front of my house, and shit is scattered everywhere! Animals underfoot, grandkids underfoot, extra people everywhere.....I'm just about going crazy here.

    The good thing is that it will be for a short period of time, they both have careers (but no jobs yet!), both work hard, and they came down here with money, so it is just a matter of time before they find their own place.

    Then I get to move all over again. Yay!

    But the wife is happy, all of her kids and grandkids are here in the same town as she is. I'm happy, because there is nothing but trouble in Arizona anymore, and they are out of it now. They are happy because of the opportunities available here.

    So, I guess it is a win-win situation for everybody! And I say that as I am crammed in my office, which is the only place I can come to for peace and quiet now!
  2. Mick Mouse
    Three days later, and I am a fucking nut case! All of this extra "activity" around me has set me off somehow, and the PTSD has kicked in hard-I have been holed up in my "office" (my memory room, where I have my windows to the world-my computers-and all of the stuff that reminds me of better times) for the last three days, only coming out when everyone is asleep.

    I have The Dog, who is trained for this, and the Rotten Little Kittens, who don't have a clue, but know that a warm fuzzy will help almost anything, here with me and helping me figure this out. I will get it back together yet again soon enough, I think.

    In the meantime, I sit around and play with my new toy-a Colt M1911 .45 caliber Gold Cup Trophy Edition with all of the whistles and bells, and my new laptop-another Cyberpower custom-built gaming machine.

    Damn near 5000.00 worth of "stuff" and I can hold it all in one hand. What in the hell is wrong with society when I can spend close to 5000.00 on toys to make me feel better, and not even think about the fact that that amount of money represents a year or more of someones hard work in a great many places in this world, or the fact that, even in this country, it quite easily represents a significant fraction of an "average" persons income?

    Crazy never had it so good, I guess. If you have to be warped, then this is the best country to be it in!
  3. Mick Mouse
    10 days. 10 days, and they are still here! I found out that they are running out of money, and don't even have enough to get their own place now, so I made some calls and got my kid a job. He will be the newest mechanic at the local Ford dealer, starting off at around 18.50 an hour, plus all of the incentives and bonus pay. His wife has an MBA and is looking for a job as well, but I don't have a lot of contacts locally in that segment of the economy, so that one might take me a little longer.

    This ass-hole who used to be our landlord still has not returned our deposit or offered an explanation as to what he was keeping it for! Well, he just fucked himself. I sent out a seven day demand letter-in Colorado, the law states that the landlord has to return the deposit or deliver a written explanation/itemized list of deductions retained within 30 days or they forfeit the right to keep ANY of it. Plus, if he does not respond within 7 days of receipt of the letter, I can haul his ass to court and get him for treble damages, court costs, and attorney fees. Well, he failed to return anything within the 30 day period, so I will get it all back now. Dumb-ass.

    We had a new water heater put in, and they sent a guy out to fix the major issues with the bathrooms. One of his repairs has already failed, and the other one was finished, but he left this huge hole in the wall where he gained access to the plumbing. At this point, any damage resulting from these defects will only ruin their property and not mine, plus I am fully insured, so I don't really care anymore. I completely filled a DVD with pictures taken of the place and all of the damage before we moved in, and then sent a copy to the property management people, so if it goes bad, it ain't on me!

    I also bought a 10x10 metal shed for outside, so maybe when I get it put up, I can get some of this crap put away and I will have more room. That will be this weekend's project

    If I make it that long. I might just put the shed up and move out there myself!
  4. Beenthere2Hippie
    [​IMG] You give them Hell! It feels so could to when you've been screwed-over. I love your salty edged writing style. You DO shoot from the hip (Oh!...Oh!...MY HIP!). Okay. Maybe Folks our age with Health Issues should start to shoot from the fingertip or the eye. As long as we shoot it's okay.
    Keep the firey side up!
    AFTER THOUGHT: Don't move into the shed; move the shed inside and stay in it!
  5. Mick Mouse
    Well, the shed is up, and is being filled with all of this crap we seem to have accumulated over the past few years. The boy and his family are still here, maybe by the middle of next month they will have their own place and be out of mine. The PTSD has faded into the background, which can be expected when you have decided to toss all of your meds away and go CT. Dumb, dumb, dumb! The first week or so was bad, but I have been forcing myself to get up and do things since then.

    My old landlord has still not complied with the law, so I contacted an attorney yesterday and will be going in to talk further in another day or so. I had initially planned on handling this matter myself, but then I figured that, since he will be forced to pay court costs in addition to my money, I might as well retain legal counsel-he is going to pay for it! And quite frankly, at this point, I want to cost him as much money as I can. I see this as being a $10,000 bill by the time it is done and over with, and maybe even more!

    The new landlord/property management place is just as bad, too. They still have not returned to finish the repairs that were started 3 weeks ago! It isn't my house, so I no longer care-I have tried to work with these people, but they refuse to do anything, so fuck them. Everything I put in, I will take out when we leave. I'll be glad when this lease is up, I am just going to buy a damn house and not worry about this shit any longer.
  6. Mick Mouse
    The lawsuit is filed. Now it is just a matter of waiting! This really sucks badly, and I did not want to do this, but I have been left with no choice. This piece of shit knew that by holding up our money, he was causing us a great deal of personal and financial trouble, and yet he chose to do so anyway. So, now I am going to dry-fuck him.

    In the meantime, this place has become a combination of a madhouse and a circus. In addition to everything else, I have a friend (yes, another member!) who has accepted my offer and has come all the way over here from Manchester England to visit with us for a month.....and my damn kid and his family are STILL not out of the house! I had separate money set aside for this, so the landlord thing really did not affect that too much, but still, it was something that I really did not want to have on my plate when my friend got over here. So now, they get to see how an American handles a stupid landlord!

    Wonderful. Absolutely fucking wonderful.
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